Scarf Book

  1. Hi, Guccigal. i too have looked at this a couple of times, so it would be very interesting to hear if anyone has bought it
  2. i've heard that there are some copyright infringement issues with this book -- that the photos are straight off the hermes website.

    i don't know the full story or even whether it's true, but fwiw i thought i'd pass it along in case you'd want to look into if before purchasing.
  3. okay coool. I think it would be neat to have a book with all those pics, etc but $95 seems alot for a spiral bound book, I know it took alot of work but I would buy it at $50 quickly...and it wouldn't matter...but there are not many page sheets on the eBay auction so I can't tell really what I would be buying
  4. I would just use They have pics of many colorways of a specific scarf, some info when avail, and they lifted the same pics from eBay like that book probably did anyway but it's free unlike the book :smile:
  5. I'm unable to see view the eBay item here at work. (shhh)<<<(no happy face for shhh)

    NEway, got off topic. I pictures from the H website are from an actual book I got from the H Store. Its about 4" x 4". Orange cardstock on the outside and the pages inside are smooth. Does this description look like the book in question?

    When I saw the pictures online, I was disappointed that I didn't learn anything new. Forgot how much I purchased the book for or if the SA just gifted it to me. Its been a while. HTH
  6. I think I will pass.