Scarf Bathers: Product review!!

  1. I know many of you send your silky babies off for dry cleaning, so this thread may not interest you...

    But I am a silk washer, and recently I tried the silk wash product featured prominently in PrincessB's spa day with MaggieD and gga.

    The Princess was bathed in Le Blanc Linen wash. I selected the Silk and Lingerie wash from Le Blanc's line of washes.

    I :heart::heart::heart: it!!

    I gave several scarves a bath this weekend, includeing some new ones that were quite stiff. And as some ancient ones that needed a fresh outlook!

    I want to pass along how much I like this wash...

    It rinses out very very well, and leaves a silky hand. All I do is wash and swish, rinse like mad, blot, and hang to dry. If there are wrinkes from the blotting, I may hit them with the blow dryer for a second or two, then let them hang. I gently smooth out any puckery hems while damp.

    It is humid here, so wrinkles are usually not a problem .... I am not much of an ironer.

    In any case, thats what I do...I know there are lots of different products and opinions, but I wanted to share how very happy I am with the results from Le Blanc....

    It mentiones the fresh scent of gardenias in the product description, but I do not get any fragrance off of the newly washed scarves, just a clean fresh smell.

    Thanks again to MaggieD and GGA!!
  2. thanks for this! how does it deal with stains?
  3. also after you rinse...what do you mean by blot before you hang dry...

    is this the step that is usually when they ring it out but since its gently you blot it so it doesnt have as much to hang dry as much?
  4. This is excellent info, CB!

    Will rolling in a towel work for blotting? Like you would for a sandwich wrap? (It's what I do with my cashmere)

    TIA! :heart:
  5. I think blotting means you put your scarve uncreased between 2 towels (or similar absorbant clothes) and press out any excess water.
  6. Ggal, yes, I use a velour beach towel, and gently roll it up. I use little plastic clips to hang them, by the corners and I rotate them once so they dont pull at the corners...

    As for stains, yes it did take a couple of stains out of my new vintage Napoleons Lettre....That scarf was really a hot mess, and now its amazing!!! I didnt even have to work the stains in any particular way...

    I really want to emphazise that you need to keep the scarf moving gently. If your scarf releases a lot of color into the water, drain it and start again, dont let the scarf "sit" when there is color in the water, it can transfer and cause a problem, as must have happened with Hlfinns grail scarf...

    By the way, if your scarf does release color, it is likely simply excess color, it does not mean your scarf is fading. When I used to paint on silk with fiber reactive dyes, I learned that the dye that is not "absorbed" into the fibers (it is actually a reaction more than an absorbtion) but anyway...this color can sit in the weave or on the surface for quite some time until it is is released by washing--it is released even if the item has been steam set or whatever color setting process is used, because it is not in the fiber per it between them.

    This color release does not mean color is coming out of the dyed fibers themselves, if that makes any sense....

    However, that color can transfer, so do be careful and be sure to swish and start again of it is a lot of color.
  7. Oooh, they sell this at my local French Linen store, so I'm going to pick some up! Thanks Cobalt!!
  8. Thanks for the great review CB! I have yet to take the plunge with my scarves, but when I do, I'll be sure to try this product.
  9. Thanks for that! I noticed before that someone mentioned this product on another thread (might have been the Grail Scarf one) so I'm now quite tempted to get a trial size from eBay. I washed a vintage scarf I got from eBay last week and thankfully it all went smoothly *phew*
  10. Cobalt, thanks, I am going to pick some of this stuff up, definitely.
  11. I just realized, the reason I have no lingering fragrance from the wash may be because I also use a tiny bit of vineagar in the next-to-final rinse....this helps the soap bread down and slip out of the fabric....

    But you must rinse the vineagar out as well....if you choose to use it.
  12. Hot tips, CB! Thank you! :dothewave:
  13. CB, I found the thread and I will order it and try to order it for washing these out...
  14. LOL!! I just sent you the link!! Good luck!

    I still love this stuff by the way...
  15. When you have a tiny spot (not stain) do you ever spot clean without doing the whole scarf? If so, how?
    TIA !!!!