Scarf authentication question

  1. Some minutes ago I saw a new scarf GGA has bought.She had also posted a picture of a form that seemed like an authentication with the description of the scarf.Are all scarves supposed to come with such a form???I didn't get one for sure even if I buyed mine fron an Hermes boutique...:confused1:TIA!

    PS.I didn't know if I should post this in the Authenticate This thred, so Mods please feel free to move this if needed...
  2. It's not an authentication card. This scarf was designed and printed by commission of the Societe Paul Cezanne and is available only through them, not Hermes. Hermes printed this card in honor of that commission to accompany and explain the reason behind designing the scarf. The SCAD scarf also came with a card talking about why it came into being. Some special editions made at the request of organizations will have these. Regular scarves available at the Hermes store don't.

    Hermes doesn't authenticate, per se. You can check threads and find out an indirect way to get an authentication.
  3. Thank you!