Scarf as Belt?

  1. I tried doing a search but couldn't find anything.

    Does anyone have any pictures of themselves wearing a scarf around the waist as a belt?


    (If this is in the wrong forum sorry!!)
  2. I think has posted one before. I sometimes use mine as belts but I don't have a pic of that on my computer at the moment..I'll see if I can find anything for you.
  3. I have seen them looped inside the belt loops / denim belt loops also.
  4. I love the idea- that bandeau looks so pretty as a belt in that pic. I think a pretty scarf would look fab on jeans :yes:
  5. It is a cute belt.
  6. Maybe do a search under bandeau. Besides Cec there are other members that have modeled their bandeau purchases. It really is a nice idea to use the scarf as a decorative belt.
  7. I love the idea as well. Its whimsical and fun.
  8. That's how I wear mine. :yes:
  9. I think scarves looks amazing as belts! Especaially for spring and summer.
  10. i gotta try that sometime, but i got the yellow groom one, wonder what that would match...
  11. I wear mine in belt loop..
  12. i'm here I'm here!!! lol I have another pic of the bandeau in the loops of my jeans


    Btw, if you're also thinking of using a (square) scarf as a belt, check the celebity section. I remember Lindsay Lohan tight a really nice scarf around her waist.:yes: