scarf as a shoulder strap

  1. If any of you ladies have seen the new scarf book, you may have noticed a girl with a vintage (kinda beat up) kelly that has a scarf as the shoulder strap. Anyone have any clue how to do this? I know she is using a vintage style scarf b.c that is what the book says but do you just tie it and put it under the flap? It does not appear to be attached to the rings.
    I think it has to be done with a smaller sized scarf b.c I tried it with a full sized one and it looked so silly!
    I am hoping I can use this technique to make my new VL black kelly a bit more casual. I find that wearing her with jeans and a tee is a bit much. I thought a fun colorful scarf such as the bolduc (orange with red, white, black and brown ribbons) would tone down the dressiness of the bag
    what do you ladies think??
  2. kelly1.jpg kelly2.jpg kelly3.jpg
  3. Piaffe, it looks fantastic!! I love the look on you! I will try again tonight. I could not get it to look right on me. maybe my kelly is too big?

    did you just tie it under the flap? What leather is your kelly?
  4. ^^ My Kelly is a courchevel sellier, so it really holds its structure. I basically folded the carre across the diagnoal (to make the longest possible length), and tucked it under the open flap.

    I wore the Kelly like this on Saturday night. When I opened it, I did so on a table (Kelly resting on solid ground), because obviously the "strap" is only in place when the Kelly is properly closed. This didn't really bother me or add inconvenience, because that is how I open a Kelly anyway.

    It's a great, funky look - really fresh.

    GL - and post action photos!!!
  5. Piaffe -- so chic!
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  6. How fun! It looks great on you.
  7. Maggie ~ I Was Just Looking At That Picture About An Hour Ago.....I Showed It To My Husband.......Fantastic Picture & I Can't Wait To (Try To) Wear My Kelly's Similar!!!!!

    Piaffe ~ I Love All Your Pictures Both Threads ~ I Can't Wait To Try!!!!!!

    I Still Don't Know How To Wear The Scarf On An Evelyne (I Don't Have One....Though I Would Like One) & If The Scarf Is Sturdy Enough.....I Will Be So Happy!!!! Anyone Know? So To Go Somewhat OT, I May Just Start A New Thread For It!!!!!!!:heart:
  8. Please do start a thread! I feel like I've seen the Evelyn worn without its canvas strap - but instead, with a scarf tied to the hardware at both ends. I can't find photos showing this. I would really like to hear from Evelyn owners who may have tried this!

  9. I just saw pictures from duchessofs with the evelyne and the scarf. I have to ask her to post, Its so chic!!
  10. This is a great idea & piaffe you have to be the most adorable-est pregnant woman in the world!!
  11. O.K. I am only doing this for you Maggiemoo!!! LOL

    You know I did this in a hurry,and these are the only scarves I have here with me.

    They don't look great but here they are.
    I would never wear the scarf on the bolide. I was just showing MM that if I can fit it through the rings of my 27 bolide;she can fit it through her Kelly.
    scarf bolide.JPG scarf evelyne.JPG
  12. It looks wonderful, adds a personal twist!
  13. Great look. :smile:
  14. Thanks for these photos - it clearly *is* possible, and it really changes the look of both bags (never thought of the bolide!).
  15. Hi All - I use a scarf to adjust the length of the shoulder strap on my kellys [and bolide would work, too.] I prefer a shorter strap than the normal length for a kelly. Also in the summer, there is no way that scarf is going around my humid neck.

    Both ends of the strap are attached to the same ring of the handle.

    scarfonkelly 003_1_1.jpg scarfonkelly 002_1_1.jpg