Scarf as a pouchette extender

  1. What do you think? I wish I had a simple silk LV scarf to use, but the coach one will give you the idea.
    CIMG1996.JPG CIMG1997.JPG CIMG1998.JPG
  2. When my mom and sis bought me my pouchette they thought the strap was way too short and they bought a LV keychain with it. I've seen it on one other person and it looks great. Looks like it came like that unless you know better.

    I'm not a fan of the scarf, sorry just my opinion. I think it distracts from the bag. I'm not a fan of charms and other things on bags either so that's probably why. If you love it go for it though!
  3. hmm- I think it's a little overwhelming on the pochette. Great idea though!
  4. very creative!
  5. I think it's a little overwhelming on the bag! Very cute idea though. What about using a bracelet or something like that? I use the keychain/bracelet from cute, get tons of compliments on it! =)
  6. Cute and creative!
  7. :yes: I agree
  8. I'm with everyone else on this the scarf is overwhelming for the size of the bag. Sorry!
  9. Yup, cute idea but looks a bit messy!
  10. It's a little overwhelming, but I think it is mostly because the bag has the panda on it. It doesn't really match the panda. But on a regular monogram pochette I think it could be really cute, it may not be so overwhelming. Good idea!
  11. very creative but a little too big for the bag. i don't have a scarf so don't really know how big it is. what about something smaller to tie it with?
  12. Just an idea, if I had a plain silk smaller scarf it might look better.
  13. cute!! but i think it's a bit too u have a simple bracelet? u can try that
  14. Cute idea, would look more proportionate with a smaller scarf
  15. Cute but seems busy- I like the idea of a simple bracelet though