Scarf art?

  1. I bought this scarf last week, it was the last one and I thought it was really cute, the thing is I don't really wear square scarves, usually just ponytail. So I thought it would look cute in a frame for my "girly" bathroom. I went to Michaels but the cheap poster frame it fit in just looks tacky. So I may look for something else. Any suggestions?
    scarf - clover charm 2.jpg
  2. ^^LOL thats what I bought it for, but I bought it during the pce event way back in december! I'm getting it framed in ragshop becuase I have an open closet, so I thought it would look cute there. I would have also used it as a bandana for my hair if I wasn't using it as wall art.
  3. oooh. i never thought to do that! hmm...
  4. If you don't think a frame would go well with it, you could always just have it sandwiched between two pieces of glass. A "frameless" frame, so to speak. So when you hang it up, all you'll see is the scarf for the most part. :smile: I'm pretty sure I've seen that places can do that.
  5. That is a really good idea :yes: . I will have to see how it looks in a big frame at the craftstore.
  6. Michaels have frame experts that have probably done something like that. I would ask them.

    I think that the scarf would look awesome in a beautiful gold frame with a cream mat maybe.
  7. I have seen clear frames that don't really show at all. I think it is kinda like two box tops and one is just a hair bigger and can fit over the top one. These may be something to look at. It should protect the scarf and lift it off the wall a little bit so it will stand out.
    This is a great idea btw.
  8. I really like that scarf. It's very pretty.

  9. Me too!! I like redice1980's idea as well.
  10. good idea! Im off to find the perfect scarf for my decor now! lol
  11. I know someone on the LV forum had a scarf framed it looked great.

    While I can't recommend the Michael's I used to work at, most places that do framing should have someone who knows how to work with fabric, my neighbor gets her cross-stitch pieces done all the time.