Scaredy Cat: The Dentist...

  1. Just looking for some words of encouragement or advice...
    I have noticed lately some sensitivity to cold, heat, sweets and biting where an old filling is located. I have made a dentist appointment (I do go twice a year for cleanings) but am so freaked out!
    I hate the dentist and definitely have anxiety issues. What do you tell yourself when you know you have to do something but are pretty much having anxiety attacks about it?
    My fear becomes almost a fight or flight when I am in the waiting room. I absolutely think, "I'll just run out of here and they'll never catch me!"
    Here's a smiley face about it...:crybaby::throwup::sad:
    And how I'd like to feel...:tup::lol::wlae:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I used to take a touchstone with me to my appointments to the dentist, and squeeze it when the shot of novacain went in. My dentist and I would joke about it, he said once he was sure I'd gotten blood out of it. It gave me something to focus on in my hand and away from what he was doing. Worry beads work too.

    I'd also drink a few cups of a calming tea, like chamomille or Tension Tamer (which has chammomille in it) before going to. Really helps sooth me.

    Of course, you could always ask your doctor for a mild tranquilzer to take before you go in if it's really severe. Just make sure you don't drive yourself.
  3. Could you maybe tell your dentist about this? That way they can be extra nice and calm when you arrive?
    I hate going to the dentist, but I've been going to a family friend for the past few years and he always jokes around with me and chats about life for the first few minutes of my appointment. That makes me feel so much more relaxed.
  4. I have a very nice dentist and that is the only way I can make it through dentist appointments. Once I tried another dentist when I had moved to Florida, and I didn't even get past his staff. They had horrible bedside manner and I started crying while they were trying to take x-rays and I got up and left. After that I decided I'd never change dentists again. I'd just come home and go to the dentist in New Orleans.
  5. I know just how you feel. No matter how much I brush and floss, I dread going to the dentist because they always find a few cavities. I just have weak teeth. :sad: I had one tooth that hurt so much a while ago that I could barely go to work. I avoided the dentist for a week hoping it would go away. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I made an appointment and I had to wait another week to get my root canal. Just go now before your tooth gets any worse. That's how I force myself into the chair. It hurts now but it'll hurt even more if you don't take care of the problem. Might as well do it sooner rather than later.
  6. Thank you all for your words. I will definitely let my dentist know (well, sort of reiterate to him) that I am one nervous girl.
    I do have an appointment for the 19th as it was the earliest they could see me.
    I do hope it's just an old filling that needs replacement but when is it just that easy.
  7. Good luck with your appointment!
    I used to get terrible sensitivity with one of my old fillings, apparently it's quite common. ITA with the other people here, to let your dentist know about how you feel, and they'll be understanding.

    ETA: Also, if your tooth hurts when it's touched, definitely let the dentist know that. When I had a sensitive filling (for like, a year), I let my dentist know and he was very, very careful around that tooth, which made me feel a lot more comfortable with him touching my mouth.
  8. I am an absolute weenie about needles when it comes to the dentist. I've asked the dentist to put some of that numbing solution on my gums first. I've also taken to listening to music at the dentist.
  9. I think I may be the freak here, like the guy in little shop of horrors, but I love the dentist!! one time when he was gasing me up for my wisdom teeth(my oral surgeon) I told him how much I loved going too him, he must have thought what a freak!! I was like you probably dont hear this enough but thanks for making my mouth so nice and clean I love you man, he was this little nerd guy just in awe like uhmm ok. lets begin, I just kept going on about how much I love having my teeth cleaned. he was probably like freak dont book her with me again. nah, kidding. he's cool. things have changed they can rub that stuff in your mouth to make it less sensitive so when your in there its not as uncomfortable, theres even dentist that sediate you to calm you down now, some have cd players and dvds going on. good luck to you!
  10. My dentist is called "sedation dentistry". They give you a strong form of valium that relaxes you. While you can respond to them if they tell you to open your mouth wider and those sorts of things... you are too medicated to know what is going on and I cannot remember any of my visits. It's funny because DH was scared of the dentist as well, and he has no worries about going anymore. When I pick him up (of course they don't let you drive), he seems normal to me. And then he always comes home and falls asleep and wakes up and barely even remembers getting to the dentist office, haha. Anyway, it may be something you'd like to look into?
  11. I will definitely ask my dentist about some sedation...maybe just even the gas as that always seemed fun as a kid. I know this is a really common fear. It just gets to me sometimes that with anxiety it is very hard to be rational and use a 'mind over matter' attitude. I have an x-ray on the 19th and then depending on what needs to be done there will be a follow-up appointment. I do thank all of you for responding as it makes me feel like less of a dork about this.
  12. oops...can you tell I'm a bit jittery about this one?
  13. I actually did RUN out of a dentist chair once... I was scheduled for a root canal, (which I never did have) and I asked him if I had to have it done.... He said "Well I am not forcing you..??"... when he left the room to get set up, I ran out!!!!
    I was sooooo embarrassed, I could never go back to him... I had to find a new dentist...
    I have had quite a bit of work done over the past two years and the first appointment was the hardest... every one easier after that..
    The fear you build up in your head, is never as bad as you think..!! ;)
  14. I so empathize. For years, I would become nauseous at the thought of going to the dentist. The dentist I see now is very sweet. They have gently encouraged that I need to get my wisdom teeth out, but have not shamed me about it. (Shame is bad!) As a result I am seriously thinking about getting my wisdom teeth out. It's only been two years! :p
  15. They told me I needed my wisdom teeth out every visit for about eight years. I blew them off. Then one of my wisdom teeth broke when I was eating a hard piece of candy. It was either get them taken out or suffer the consequences of a broken tooth. I chose to have them removed. I just got the sedation... DH actually got general anesthesia (they offer that as well). We both did great. It wasn't a problem there... it's just no fun waiting for the holes to heal. But you will be happy once you do it... it was such a relief for me!!