scared, worried, anxious and excited about labor and delivery!

  1. hey ladies,

    i am currently going into my 38th week of pregnancy. so far it has been a breeze with no morning sickness, no swelling, no excessive weight gain and everything looks great regarding the baby's health BUT....i am so nervous, borderline scared about labor and delivery.:confused1:

    after my lamaze class, i learned alot and hoped to last as long as possible without medication to have a natural birth. but i am just worried...and paranoid about the baby going to be perfectly healthy when he arrives? am i going to have to endure alot of pain?:hrmm:

    sorry for the long post. i guess i am seeking some encouragement from you ladies who have given birth before:yes:
  2. Hi and congrats!! I have five children, two of whom I gave birth to naturally, and the third pregnancy was spontaneous triplets (conceived on birth control), which were delivered by c-section. I can remember, vividly, what you are feeling. Taking the lamaze classes will definitely help, but just remember this...BREATHE! ;) And don't be afraid to tell anyone OR everyone exactly how you are feeling or what you want. Be assertive and speak your desires. The day of your child's birth is YOUR day, and you will want to look back on it with fondness, not dread or regret. If you are in pain, don't be afraid to say something. Use all of the support systems in place. You will be fine, and good luck to you! Hope I helped a little. I know how anxious those last few weeks can be.
  3. I remember feeling that way with my first! You'll be fine - as someone once said to me (and I'm sure it's been repeated in this section in various places), "if childbirth was so horrible, no one would have kids" or something like that. I was a wimp with dd - she was 5 days late and I was induced (I probably would have gone into labor within a day or two of that anyway), but I was on Pitocin which, when it kicked in, really did bring on strong contractions, so at the first "big one" I opted for the epidural. I plan to do that again b/c I'm no hero, but I can tell you that one of my close friends actually went natural for her second one and had a better experience than she did with her first where she did opt for drugs.

    As far as the baby's health, everything will be fine!
  4. I think we all felt that way! You're in good company:yes:
    It's not nearly as bad as I'm sure you're anticipating.
    Even those who have less than ideal deliveries have pretty positive memories of it.
    Try and find a happy place and know that you're in good hands and let Mother Nature take over.
  5. i held out for a long time with my first son...wanted to have as natural a delivery as possible. then i had the epidural, and i said "why didn't i do this hours ago!!!!!"

    i'm all for natural birth, but don't try to be a hero..nobody gives you a special medal for enduring that pain...take the epidural...or at least keep it as an option
  6. Such great advice!!
  7. I think you might surprise yourself and actually feel calm when you finally go in to labor. I was with both my kids. I was so happy for it to finally be over that is what made it easy. It was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. I had C-sections with both kids but did have about 12 hours of painful contractions with my son. He was back labor and the pain meds do not really work with back labor. With my daughter she just was too big--if she was smaller I think it would have been a really quick delivery and I was given no pain medication for her until I was in surgery. I actually did not even feel much with the contrations with her until they broke my water so I was like sleeping during part of my labor. I felt total calm in the hospital and just knew in my heart that eveything was going to be OK. I think it is easy to scare yourself on what you don't know/expect. But you will do fine, think of the end finally being here and you will have a beautiful baby in your arms. We really are stronger than we think. What is funny is that we are the ones that do great and I can tell you stories of hubby and boyfriends being the weak ones.
  8. Great advice! Keep an open mind and if gets to be too much, no one will blame you for taking meds. Try to enjoy and remember the experience because as long as it seems while you are going through it, it goes by fast! :tup:
  9. Best of luck. I also planned on not using an epi with my first but I was oin a lot of pain due to a very long labor and my husband told me to "just take it." It really helped and I am glad I listened to him. Just do what feels right at the time and don't let others influence you.

    Best of luck, you'll do great!
  10. I haven't had any children, but best of luck!! Just be positive and calm... all will go well.
  11. thanks ladies, you guys are wonderful! i am so happy to that i got so much encouragement through you all.

    i will let you all know how my delivery goes. but that wont be until 30 days after the baby is born. chinese old myth that i have to stay in bed for 30 days postpartum. kinda crazy but my mom is here to enforce that on me.
  12. You have to stay in bed for 30 days afterwards???? Wow that's crazy, and not healthy really. Sorry to be blunt but I have never heard of that. In any case, best of luck with delivery and recovery.

  13. for many asians, esp chinese, we (or the elderly) believe that we shouldnt do much during 30 days postpartum. like we have to stay at home for the 30 days. some really strict ones even dont let you shower for 30 days!! i guess my mom is not going to be like that with me but i know i cant go on the computer for 30 days and have to stay home for 30 days. it's just our culture so i cant argue with her, not that i fully support that.
  14. I think everyone feels the same way you do with every pregnancy. I was more scared with my son because I knew what I was in for. It was actually warranted because his delivery was crazy. But once it was over, I almost missed it. Almost. Call me crazy but I'd do it all over again! Maybe in 2 years, LOL.