Scared to use your bags???

  1. Is anyone else scared to use their LV bags, in fear they may get damaged:wtf: or ruined:crybaby: ? I hope I am not the only one!!!!!:sweatdrop: :s
  2. Sometimes. If it will snow or i might get mugged b/c they will asume i have money b/c i have LV even though i broke b/c i just spent it all on LV.
  3. I'm totally paranoid with my bags! You're not the only one! =)
  4. I was before, but then I realized there is no point spending all this money for it to just be sitting in the closet. So now I try to use them all as much as I can.
  5. A little scared of using my Rivets Bag, because it was so expensive! :smile:
  6. I really used to have that fear when I started buying Louis Vuitton, but now it's just become a way of life. You'll get used to it. You've got to understand that Louis Vuitton is very sturdy and will last a long time. So go ahead, get use out of it because it'll last you many, many years!
  7. Nope- I bought them and plan to get my money's worth! And if it does get a scratch or a stain, it's better to have a slight imperfection than to not have used it at all. KWIM?

  8. Same the beginning...I felt I needed to keep it looking as new and prestine as it came to me...but reality check...

    I invested in LVs for the durability I use it without much thought....

    Although...when it rains...I have "rainy day" bags to replace them....:p
  9. :yes:
    And if I ever feel like I wouldn't be comfortable carrying it, I just don't buy it.

  10. :yes:

    i was super paraniod the first few weeks then realized i had to get over it, it is after all, a bag.......
  11. I wouldn't say that i'm "scared" to use my bags, but I do find that a lot of times I won't use brand new items for a while. I will just keep it in the dustbag and pull it out once in a while to look and play with, but not actually USE it for a month or two. I think I just like the idea of pristine vachetta and how brand new it looks.
  12. I was in the beginning, now I try to get my moneys worth by using them as often as i can.

  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. I was for the first couple of months with my first LV (petite bucket). I wouldn't put it down just anywhere and would be totally paranoid. My So at the time who bought it for me pointed out that I wasn't working the whole, "I can afford LV" angle by being so paranoid about the bag. That comment relly stuck with me and now I use my Lvs like I use any other bag (except for being a little cautious about the vachetta in bad weather).
  15. ummm, no....what's the point of spending the money if you can't use them ??