Scared to use my Keepall...?


Jul 30, 2007
Okay, I just got a Damier Keepall 55 (which I have yet to post pics of due to camera troubles) because I love to travel and wanted one to take with me. I go back and forth across the country quite often and go to several countries a year. But when I brought it home and showed my friends, the first thing they told me was that it would get stolen! And now I'm freaking out that I'm going to get mugged or something if I travel with it. But I chose Damier because I thought it wasn't as easily I wrong? I'm planning on taking it all over Europe next this a bad idea? I really like it and have always wanted one, but I'll return it if I'm too paranoid to use it. I mean, I don't stay in 5 star hotels or anything.... Has anyone ever had a bad experience with this? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Oct 16, 2007
I mean... if you take it as carry on luggage then you really shouldn't have anything to worry about. I dont think many ppl recognize the damier as much as the mono.. and I think if you're always with someone then you shouldn't really have anything to worry about ..i mean ppl mugging you and stuff.. I think you'll be fine.

Aug 20, 2006
personally, i would never buy designer luggage to check. however, if this is your carryon, i would def. use it! you are in possession of it the whole time, so i wouldn't worry too much.


Mar 9, 2006
Well, first of all I must say you were smart enough to get a damier rather than mono - the vachetta on the mono makes it hell to travel with (at least before it aquires patina) :yes:
Anyways, are you planning on using it for carry-on or check-in? I use my mono as a carry-on (heavy, so I always end up hating it when I get home:P), and apart from the mentioned vachetta, I`m not really worried about bringing it places. I guess if you`re planning on checking it in, there is a risk of it getting lost or stolen, but then again, that risk is present with all luggage, and at least damier isn`t as recognizable as mono..
Anyways, enjoy your keepall! Damier luggage is so hot :love:


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Oct 7, 2007
I just got mine (exact same one) yesterday and I'm going to use the heck out of that thing. However, since our family always travels together when we check into the hotel, I'll probably empty the keepall and store it inside one of the other suitcases for when we leave the hotel during the day and housekeeping is in (I'm not worried about staff per se its just that they leave your hotel room door open when they get things).
As far as carryon at airports and such, I'm not worried.


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Dec 7, 2006
New York City
I have a mono travel keepall:
1. I have used it as Carry on's and check in (traveling to europe - of course locking my bag)

2. I would never do it again my bag has been ripped and torn due to the baggage people throwing and mistreatment. the best part is nothing has ever been stolen

so I agree with everyone when they say "Carry On" at all times but be prepared for Airport officials telling you what can be a carry on and what cannot be)


Nov 12, 2007
I got a keepall silver graffiti and I wished that I got something more subtle!!! Have it in Khaki graffiti would be good. I like my bags etc but I don't like that much attention. I am not really an attention seeker but this bag does attract quite alot attentions. Damier Keepall sounds good to me it is really practical and less flashy. You dont have to worry about the cowhide leather too. Good buy! :smile:


Oct 16, 2007
BC, Canada
Damier Keepall as a carryon sounds great! It is a subtle pattern, and with carryon you don't have to worry about baggage handler theft/abuse. I had a black Epi keepall as a carryon which I loved. It is also a subtle pattern, so it didn't attract undue attention. Only thing I found is that it was very heavy, but that shouldn't be so much of a problem with the Damier, as it is not all leather like the Epi. Just carry your awesome Damier keepall and enjoy!


Apr 23, 2007
I travel a lot(US and abroad) and I always take my Keepall. I would never buy anything I was afraid to use.

If you are worried about it getting stole, insure it. All my bags are insured.