Scared to use Ebay?


Feb 9, 2006
After reading the threads of how you guys sell/buy on's giving me the ebay itch. I have a few bags that I don't use at all but I am reluctant to sell on Ebay with all these scam artists hanging around and I am not Ebay savvy.:sad: Is it worth the trouble and headache?
I'm in the category of wouldn't bother to sell if the item was valued under $100. It just isn't worth the time and bother to me when I try and juggle work and auction watching, shipping, answering questions etc. I don't worry so much about the scam artists when selling- that's more of a buyers problem. It can be a good way to make some extra money towards a new purse, that's the plus side.;)
I'm a little scared of ebay, too. I found a few online consignment shops. For me, it's just easier to send them the bags, let them sell and send the money to me.
If you are hesistant, I would recommend using the marketplace on the forum. I haven't had too many frustrating experiences on eBay. I think the bad seeds are kind of a dime-a-dozen, and for the most part, people are really great. Good luck!
i'm also really scared of ebay. and since most of the bags i wanna sell are my mom's she wouldn't let me do it through the internet... i have a pink vernis biscayne pm, a yellow epi from the mid 90's and some gucci purses that we've really grown out of... it's a shame because all of these could grant us a couple of great new bags... but my mom's the boss, so... :smile:
So what are you doing to do w/ all of them then? It would be a shame to let all those bags just sit there when you could be making a little xtra $$. Whenever I tire of my bags or "grow out" of them, I always sell them on Ebay and it's great b/c that just feeds my funds for a new bag! :P
Well, don't be afraid. I've sold a few on e-bay. Just post lots of pictures! Also, try the marketplace. I know there's been a bunch of cross-selling on the forum!
im still a little worried about using eBay... as i had something go wrong with my account - someone was bidding with my eBay name etc... but i think once i figure out the good eBayers etc.... i'll be ok...

good luck with selling your bags - i guess all you can do is set down some really firm sale guide lines eg/ if you have less than 10 feedbacks - do not bid - no refunds etc....
I thought that one of the rules of the Marketplace were that you could only post things there that you had an auction going on elsewhere for??

I have also been wondering about the best way to sell unwanted bags. I have several that I have never used or used only once or twice that just sit in my closet. They aren't ultra high-end but they are decent brands...D & B, Francesco Biasia, Brahmin, etc. I am very leery of Ebay and don't have a lot of time to list, etc. Heck, I don't even own a camera at the moment! I took a Coach to a local consignment shop and was shocked when I only received $20.00 for it! It was virtually unused! If I'd had any indication that was all I would get (they won't tell you what they plan to price it at), I would have simply given it away to someone!
leah, what a scandal! they ripped you off. i say, why don't we all create a second hand e-shop? with all the amazing bags going on around here we could be a huge success... imagine the headline on bussinessweek: purse maniacs become billionaires! LOL
I'm glad there are people that bought my numerous used LV items throughout the past couple of years on Ebay. Most of the items I auctioned off were great deals b/c they bought them for almost 1/2 price of retail and had been worn less than 10 times for the most part.
However, I have yet to buy myself. My husband always buy gadgets and computer stuff from eBay, but after I was burned on my 1st and last experience of receiving a FAKE LV and losing $400 right there, I have a hard time trusting Ebay. In addition, unless the used item is 50% off retail price, I'd rather spend the extra money to buy myself a new one. In most cases, there aren't such deals, so I end up buying a new one via Elux or at boutiques.