Scared to start selling. But I want to sell

  1. Hi everyone!
    I want to start selling on eBay:yes:. I have been only a buyer (19 feedbacks so far). I have been reading the eBay Tips here and on other websites, all the threads and trying to prepare to start selling on eBay... But I am scared... The things I want to sell range from $10 to $800 right now. Did you guys all start selling designer items right away or started something small like new shoes that fits too small but never returned to the store? I am also thinking about those QuickDrop places and Trading Assistants, too. I know the final decision is up to me but appreciate any insights, suggestions, advise to someone like me. I took all the pictures and have been writing item descriptions these past two weeks, but I keep coming back here and hault my projects. Some main questions that pop in my mind are: Do I really need to open up a separate bank account? Should I not use my eBay selling ID as part of my eBay email address?
    I know there are always risks. Should I just try one and see what happens? I know you can prepare so much until you actually try. Anyone experienced with using Trading Assistants or QuickDrop kinds of services? Or should I avoid it if I am asking too many questions and posting on this forum for your help???:p
    Thanks for your help and advices in advance...:smile:
  2. I would start off with your smaller items, to get used to eBay's selling process first. After you have a few sales done, you will have more confidence to list more expensive items. I'll answer your questions based on my experiences. I've been buying for 8 years, selling for at least 5.

    Do I really need to open up a separate bank account? I didn't.

    Should I not use my eBay selling ID as part of my eBay email address? I do, others don't.

    Should I just try one and see what happens? Yes, try with smaller dollar amount items first.

    Anyone experienced with using Trading Assistants or QuickDrop kinds of services? If you have the time, I would try yourself instead of using an outside source. It will mean more money in your pocket because outside sources will charge you a commission to sell your items.

    Check out other threads about buying and selling, you will find a lot of good info!
  3. let's see, i started with books and my son's old nikes, then went designer, no new account and ebay id has nothing to do with email. try it and see how it goes. drop offs also charge a fee so you may lose more. good luck!
  4. One tip I want to stress is to WATERMARK your pictures so people here dont STEAL them.

    Some people just dont care about this and will steal your pictures, descriptions, etc. And even when told they are stealing....still just dont care.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. ^^^^ you've got great advice above- I was in the same position you were in January only a buyer, and wanting to sell- you've done a lot of research which is great- the hardest part for me was deciding to list auction style or BIN on items and then watching the first few listing run. Good luck selling:yes:
  6. I had things I used a trading assistant for - I didn't mind her taking a cut since all I did was write up a description, then drop in weekly for a check- my job sucks the life out of me so I really didn't want to use the little life I have left worrying over sellers.
    But that's just me.
    Good luck with your decision, whatever you decide!
  7. And read the sticky on this subforum about staying safe on Ebay - despite the tales of woe, it can be rewarding and fun, I promise!
  8. love selling on ebay. i jumped right in about 3 years ago when i got a great deal on some very cool clothing and decided to try and sell it for a profit. i didn't really make anything but i was hooked and started selling out of my own closet. opened a store right away and have not looked back. i don't think it matters if you start with the higher items or lower first but that's just me- some people really look at people's fb number to help them decide. i think if you have enough pics and an accurate description you can sell anything no matter if you're a newbie or not.

    i don't know what you mean by your ebay id for your email addy.

    i don't have a new bank account for my pp payments. i actually did get one not to long ago but for my buying habits. had to through pp.

    i am a trading assistant so i know they can be great but if you don't mind trying to sell for yourself then do it because ta's do take a percentage out and i know it can be frustrating to some. we do a lot of work though and earn our money! lol.

    good luck!
  9. Just jump in..but don't start with your $800 item. List your smaller items first..and only a couple at a time..while you get the feel for the process. I lost money on my first 3 listing! Then it got better.

    The entire trick to being successful on eBay is to ship quickly..generally within 24 hours of receiving payment.

    Also, don't make your item sound better then it is. If you call something perfect--it has to be, and very few used things are.

    Good Luck!
  10. Great advices... Thank you so much everyone... lori, cherll, 86leo, nyhockeymom, gacats, Miss Sooky, hlfinn, csssaunt. As far as the eBay ID on eBay email address, I read on the sticky here that someone said do not use your eBay ID as your email address before the @. for example, if my eBay ID was ABC, then don't have your email that you use for eBay as or something like that. I actually was going to match for the reason thinking it might be 'safer' because my current email I use for eBay has my last name.
    I think I am going to start with the low prices and see how I do. If anyone else has great suggestions, I really appreciate it! But I am feeling okay and excitied about this new adventure~~~:p
  11. Good for you! Remember to keep us all up to date with how things are going - I love an adventure!
  12. I was in a similar situation but even worse off, I only had 4 feedbacks from half selling textbooks. I listed my first item for $875 and got my asking price, sold it to a very nice person who didn't mind I didn't have the feedback. But my item spoke for itself and I got a positive. I have some other things for sale now in higher price ranges and get a lot of questions from buyers, some concerned with feedback. I just talk to them and encourage them to research my pictures and check what little feedback I do have. Good luck!
  13. I too am interested in selling a few things on EBay but I am fairly new and have only 5 feedbacks (all positive). This advice was helpful to me too. Thanks a lot!
  14. Also take notice that depending on the season, sales can be very very slow... like now is a slow time for selling cause it's summer :sad: This is pretty much the time where I stock up on cheap items to resell during the holiday season ;)

    for me, i always list my more expensive items with a reserve. the low starting price attracts buyers :smile:
  15. I started selling last summer and was also afraid at first but it gets a lot easier. I agree with the others, sell some smaller items first (I started with a few magazines with certain celebrities on the cover) to work your way up.
    The only thing I had to change with my paypal was to upgrade my account to accept credit cards.