Scared to post but giving it a try.

  1. Helloooo to my little purse divas.

    I am curious as to the ones that sell on here you would guarantee that it is real. A bit of background...I am a girly girl that just gave birth after 7 years of trying to my second little boy. I am really wanting a chloe and don't mind a little used......for my first big purse purchase. I really want to purchase new but I am scared at dipping my toe into the big water of a 2-4k bag. I am a fickle pickle but I do appreciate a great timeless bag. That being said I don't want to buy a knock off for upwards of $200.00 either. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I have looked and enjoyed this site for about a year prior to registering.
  2. Congrats on the baby AND on posting!

    One good way to begin to figure out if a bag is real is to post a pic or to the "authenticate this..." sticky thread in the relevant forum, or (if the label doesn't have its own thread) to this forum. The folks here are hawk-eyed at spotting obvious fakes.

    But really, the only way to be sure is to buy a new one from authorized sellers.
  3. Welcome! The Marketplace is open to members who have been here a while. Since you're new, you won't be able to apply for access until you've been here a while. While it's best to buy new bags from authorized sellers to ensure an authentic product, we understand that isn't always possible. If you look around on eBay and something catches your eye, feel free to post it in the designer's subforum. There should be an "Authenticate this..." thread at the top. Someone should be able to help you and give you some advice in your search for that perfect bag. Good luck! :smile:
  4. Mel90210 - Congrats on the baby!

    I am glad that you don't plan to buy a knock off or fake, instead, you go with second-handed authentic Chloe. Yesterday I just saw a girl carrying a fake white Chloe paddington, it looks so miserablly fake:yucky:

    You can find well-known sellers on eBay who are selling authentic second-hands. Below is the one I know (from TPF ;) ). You can search for the stores or items.


    Also, as daisygamgee pointed out, you can post eBay listings that interest you and post under " authenticate this...". I belive you will get tons of help! But DO remember, even the used authentic bags will not sell for an extremely low price, that is a big no no.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks everyone! Darnit I have been a lurker for a year......thats what you
  6. Welcome Mel!
  7. :smile: Glad to see that you finally registered.
  8. Welcome! You'll find that the gals on here are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They have been a wealth of knowledge and very helpful to me..not to mention that it is very interesting reading.
  9. hang out in the section you want to know more about!
  10. I agree about posting in the "Authenticate this" thread in the relevant sub-forum. People here are great about spotting fakes, and they give great advice about warning signs about sellers. The more you learn about the bags you want, the more easily you will be able to spot them yourself.

    But, like it was already mentioned, even used designer bags usually fetch a pretty good price. If a deal looks too good to be true, it almost invariably is.
  11. Welcome & congrats on the new little guy.:flowers: Be sure to keep your eyes open in the Deals & Steals section. There are always posts about the latest sales and the same goes for the Chloe section. I just posted a sale on Chloe paddys at Nordstroms. This is my recommendation. Good luck.:yes:
  12. I've also purchased from this seller on eBay, I highly recommend them!
  13. welcome and congrats! glad you decided to post =). i was like you too. i joined a while ago but haven't started posting till about 2 months ago, and i love it here, b/c i get so much useful info and help from everyone. i hope you'll feel the same too. good luck w/ your first major bag purchase. i hope you find what you're looking for!
  14. Welcome ro tPF:welcome: And congrats on your new baby!!