scared to do shots

  1. sigh... i'm on my last month of clomid. If we don't test pregnant next week, I have to move onto the next step of treatment. Which is the daily shots. You have a higher chance of multiple pregnancies when you do this. Which i wouldn't mind. The only thing is.... I've never been afraid of needles my whole life until i had to get shots twice a month during the clomid treatments. Now I'm scared. Those things hurt like crazy for days. So I'm not sure if i have the strength or willpower to inject myself on a daily basis ...

    Anyone else in the same boat?
    Is there someone who can talk me into it?
  2. Can DH do it?
  3. See if DH can help with that or someone else you trust.
  4. My DH is a gentle giant. But he doesn't know his own strength...
  5. YEE-ow! :push:

    No problem... we'll get you through this.. Get a picture of a baby and focus on it right before you give yourself a shot. Remind yourself why you are doing it and that you a grateful for the medicine you are about to receive to help you get pregnant... Then after you inject yourself, face plant into a pillow and scream like hell!!:hysteric:

    It is all in the mind :idea:uuummm, in the butt/hip (where ever you inject) too....
  6. i like the scream like hell part...
  7. Where do you have to shot yourself? On the tummy?

    I had the IUI and a shot beforehand and it hurt like hell! I couldn't sit right for the next few days. Wait until you're pregnant and have to do blood draw every month! YIKES.
  8. my dr. draws blood every month now! I'm assuming it's on your lower back.
  9. this is a HUGE problem with me too. I haven't started IVF or anything like that but it's a big ordeal for me to get shots so I have no clue what I am going to do.
  10. What kinds of shots are you doing? I went through 4 IUIs and 1 IVF so I've had my fair share of shots. I'm on a break right now and hopefully will try for another IVF in the spring..

    Anyway, DH did most of my shots.. I only did like 2 of my thigh ones over 3 years. I'm such a wimp. And I was even a nursing student!(never finished) I've given plenty to others but I just can't do it to myself so I know what you mean.

    Anyway, I got like 2 shots in the morning and 2 at night. I would switch off thighs and butt cheeks like left side in the mornings and right side at night. I used ice packs to numb the area where I was getting the shot so that helped with the injection pain. I would also have to watch tv while getting it done because I wanted to be distracted. Now the shots I got in the butt, the feeling of the medicine going in was tough.. I'm not going to lie. I wouldn't feel the needle piercing the skin because I was iced up but the medicine did hurt me going in. Some days it didn't bother me and some days it did.

    I've googled some tips online like some people massage the site for like 5 minutes or apply pressure for 5 minutes.

    You know if you do a search on You Tube for like Progesterone shots or lupron shots, you'll get hits for people showing you how they give their shot and it makes it look so easy! They don't even flinch giving it to themselves.

    It sure was strange having DH give me a shot the first time.. We were both so scared but I had to act brave so it wouldn't freak him out giving me shots..Now he's a total expert. And he's even walked my girlfriend through giving her HCG shot over the phone!

    But hopefully you'll be prego and won't even need those tips! Good Luck!
  11. Can a friend or a co-worker do it? Or one of those nurses who have their own office and do things like this (at least we have these offices here)

    If my clomid doesn´t work and I have to do the shots-oh my, it´s such a big fear of mine.