Scared to Carry My Vernis

  1. As a pre-twins gift to myself in February, I bought a brand new bronze Vernis Houston and matching Eldridge wallet. They're absolutely GORGEOUS...but I'm afraid to carry them. I'm terrified of my no-longer-available bag being scuffed, jostled or - GASP! - having an untimely encounter with a newspaper. I also am paranoid of those little black dots that Vernis is famous for, because I don't know what causes them and I'm afraid to breathe too hard while carrying my bag and make them appear (lol).

    Truthfully, I hate having to treat my purse like a fourth child. But I LOVE the glossy, luxurious look of Vernis.

  2. I would not even want to deal with that if you have children!! I would buy something you can USE!! kwim? Im sure you kind find something you would use more and enjoy just as much!! OR save it for special occasions only.
  3. Sweetie, wear and use it. You bought it to enjoy -- how enjoyable is it sitting in your closet? What's worse: a scuff or spending all that money on something you never use?
  4. Well, I work during the day, so it's not like I'd be lugging the kids around to story time at Barnes and Noble and McDonald's for lunch with the Houston in tow, lol.

    I forgot to mention that I also have a rouge Vernis Thompson Street and that I've carried it ONCE - and I sat it behind me in my desk chair all day to make sure it stayed perfect. I felt like an a**hole.

    I am going to switch to the Houston this week.

    I think.
  5. you really dont have to worry about vernis like that, you don't have to treat it extra careful its pretty durable
  6. You shouldn't have a problem with the bronze vernis. I have a pomme agenda that I use as a wallet everyday since I got her about 6 months ago and I haven't seen a mark on the outside.
  7. Use it and enjoy it!! Life is too short!!!
  8. You should wear it and don't sweat it so much! I have a Pomme reade pm that I carry for a week at a time. I just make sure not to put it on top of any printed material and it still looks fab!
  9. Hello All, This is my first post :yahoo:and I just have to comment on being scared to get your Louie dirty. I have a toddler and I was so afraid to carrie my damier azur when I first got it. God forbid if my toddler got something on the light handles! Also, when I take any of my Louies to work, I have a chair behind me in my cube for my purse! My co-worker laugh at me while they throw their non-louies under their desk on the floor.

    I say use it but don't be over paranoid. A little scuff and darker handles are expected. Just make sure you rotate to preserve the life of each. Hope my first post was ok....
  10. They look really delicate, but they are not. You do have to be a little more careful with the vernis, and don't use it everyday for months at a time, but show it off girl!
  11. Should not be a problem if it is a bronze vernis. I would worry if it is peppermint, baby blue, or peppermint color.
  12. Wear them in good health and enjoy every minute of it :yahoo:

    I've got some black dots on my Beige Houston but they are on the bottom so no problem - I don't think the Bronze one is prone to that :confused1: