Scared! Please Help If Symptoms Similar

  1. I really need to let this out and have not found anyone to talk to. DH keeps assuring me that nothing serious is wrong but since I have severe anxiety its hard not to think the worst. Since I was 16 I have had frequent UTI's and this past year they have gotten worse. The only thing is they are not UTI's just blood in my urine. I have all the syptoms of a UTI but cultures show nothing. I have been seeing a urologist since July and have had the following tests done: IVP, Incontinence Test, Cat Scan, and a MRI. Everything shows up negative. They have no idea where the blood is coming from and they dont believe it is cancer because of my age. This week I will find out the results of the MRI and if it comes back negative I will have a scope then be referred to another doctor. Im scared. I just want to know whats wrong.

  2. I have not, but I hope your Doctors are able to diagnose and help you :flowers:
  3. I haven't either honey, but I'm praying for you that it's not serious. Don't give up! It's got to be coming from somewhere, they just need to find out where!

    DO NOT feel like you are going nuts, okay? There is an answer, just will take some time and tests to find it. Treat yourself well! Eat enough, sleep enough, excersise enough... and R E L A X enough! Let your doctor know of your anxiety, he/she can give you something hopefully to make that part easier.

    You are in my prayers honey. I know how this feels, although I can't say I know just how you feel. Sending you lots of cyber-hugs too!
  4. Wow, this sounds like me a few months ago!! There's hope! PMing you....
  5. Thanks for everybodys help. It is a very scary time. Especially when you have anxiety on top of that it makes the situation worse. Insurance is horrible and only approves certain things. It is like a rollar coaster ride that you dont want to be on.
  6. Take a pap test and see if you have an enlarged fibroid that may also be causing a blockage of a duct. Just a thought.

  7. I had my last pap smear in April so I will probably get one sooner than later to see if maybe it is endometriosis but I dont believe it is that because my periods are not bad. :s
  8. My friend has had blood in her urine on and off for the past two years. She had a hysterectomy about 20 years ago-so it is not related to a female problem. Her doctors never find anything wrong. She is scared at the amount of blood sometimes. She has had tests, cultures and nothing. One doctor always puts her on a antibotic just in case. She now drinks cranberry juice and does not get upset when it happens. It is a on and off thing. I know she has been to more than one doctor but they say nothing is wrong.
    Another person a relative told me about has this and her doctor took tests and can find nothing. He thought it might be related to surgery she had months ago and said she needs to check back in 3 months for a urine test.
    So it may be nothing and I do agree stress worrying can make you feel worse.
    Just wait for your test results. I mean if there is a medicine that can clear this up you will be happy, so wait and see.
  9. I have had blood in my urine on and off for years and get frequent UTI's. As a kid I remember seeing many specialists, who did tests no kid should ever go through. Yikes, freaks me out just thinking about it. They were never able to determine the problem though. I went back year after year and it was always the same. Yes, I had blood in my urine, but they didn't know why. If I take any urine test to this day, they will always come back and say there is a small amount of blood in my urine. Very scary and sad how it has just become normal for me.

    Hang in there! Waiting for test results is the worst, especially if you have high anxiety. *hugs*
  10. Maybe it's not coming through the urethra. Maybe it's coming from the vagina since both are not far from each other?
  11. I hope they get to the bottom of this for you but to try and lighten the mood let me share a silly story with you all.

    One morning not so long ago my first pee of the day was very very red, naturally you panic I mean it was RED all different things go through your mind I stood there pressing all different areas on my back but no pain, I didn't feel ill and no other symptoms.

    Over the course of the day it was still pretty red, so I tried to put it to the back of my mind and resigned my self to the fact that if it didn't go away in a day or 2 or I took a turn for the worst I'd make an app. for the Doc

    Next morning still red no other symptoms that night I sat down and searched the net for any info, I did find the answer...Beetroot!!

    the day before I had eaten a rather large bag of beetroot crisps ( I love beetroot crisps) and it stains your urine, so the deep redness was nothing more serious than beetroot.

    I'm not saying things shouldn't be checked out I'm just saying try to relax you until you get some answers not everything turns out to be bad news

  12. At first when I would see the drops of blood that is what I thought. However, they found the blood in my urine when they took a sample to test for a UTI.

    What is beetroot? I have never heard of that. Thanks for everybodys reply. I am going to start a special diet after the New Year for people with I.C. to see if that could help with my symptoms.
  13. Beetroot I think it may just be called beets in the US
  14. Keep us posted on how you are doing. You are in our prayers.
  15. I thought beetroot was just beets! Thanks for clarifying. Im hoping to hear from the doctor after the new year and from there several more tests may be conducted.