Scared out of my MIND!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have my Senior Thesis Presentation tomorrow :crybaby: on the correlation of waterflow rate and bacterial amounts recovered from Ribbed Mussels!!

    Its in front of the whole department, and I had to hand in a paper, which is fine.... but THEN we have to do a powerpoint presentation WITH question and answer!!:yucky:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me good vibes and wishes because I feel like im going to die. I havent been able to sleep or eat as much as would be healthy because of my ongoing anxiety about this presentation! :sad:

    With this, do people have tips for huge oral presentations? The only comment that Ive gotten was that I dont speak too loud, however, I personally feel that im speaking as loud as I can and anything higher would be screaming...

  2. Good luck!

    Practice in front of a friend / family member.

    When it comes time to give your presentation, take a deep breath, and just do it. You'll forget about how nervous you are.
  3. Sending you good of luck!
  4. You will do great. Try to get some good sleep tonight and let us know how it goes
  5. Big hugs! Best!
  6. I will send lots of good vibes your way :biggrin: :happydance: :party:
  7. Good luck!
    When doing a presentation I was advised to pick a spot on the wall at the back of the room & focus on that! I did it worked! After a while I had settled into it enough to speak to the audience. Good thoughts!
  8. Oooo, I have a great trick!! You know how when you get nervous talking in public your mouth gets all dry and then your voice sounds funny and your lips can even stick to your teeth cause your mouth is so dry??

    Well, here is my little trick, take a tic tac and stick it between your lower cheek and teeth and keep it way down there when you start your presentation, and it will make your mouth keep salivating and your mouth won't get dry and it stays moist and then you get less nervous!! It works, I swear!!

    Good luck!
  9. just remember to breathe. and pretend you are talking to only one person - who happens to be standing at the back of the room....
  10. Or, just pick out various people in certain points of the audience. (Left side, middle, right side, more towards the front.) When you look at the people in the audience, scan your eyes over those selected people.
  11. Awww, thanks for all the kind words everyone...

    Caitlin, Bagnshoo, TR444, and BagAngel- Thanks for all the tips!!!

    I hope the question and answer period goes well :confused1:
  12. no problem. and if anyone asks you a question you can't answer just say, "that is an excellent question. I'll have to get back to you on that one!"
  13. Best of luck and don't forget to take a deep breath! Keep some water nearby if you feel the need to cough (I get nervous and cough in front of a lot of people). You'll do great! :flowers:
  14. Have water handy, good advice about tictak.
    Public speaking is something you get better at over time. This is good practice. It probably is a rare student that isn't nervous. The hard part is behind you, all those years of sacrifice to put yourself through school. Congrats! Not many people make that kind of commitment & make it happen.
    These people have seen it all. They have probably seen hundreds of presentations. It will just be another one of many they've seen this year. I've been in their place, they are not thinking what you suspect. I remember thinking 'Look how far they have come, or I am impressed!"
    It is a big day for you, but you are one of many commitments they have that day. You probably know most of them, you are just teaching them for a couple of hours. I think sometimes if we look at a situation from the others position we can take some stress off ourselves.
    Wed at this time, it'll all be over.
    Look for the friendly faces, maybe your favorite profs. They know you are nervous, so "talk" to them.
  15. Good luck during your presentation! :biggrin: