Scared of snakes but backyard has millions - what to do?

  1. Spring is here, and so are snakes and lizards. I'm am dreadfully, dreadfully scared of snakes. I used to just leave them alone and run away when I see one but I have a dog that lives in the backyard now and he doesn't stop barking until the snake leaves (which they don't because snakes aren't birds... you know they're just oblivious to dogs barking).

    So... is there any way for me to get rid of a snake without me having to go too close to it... lol this question is so stupid but i'm putting it out anyway.

    By the way I don't want to kill it... definitely not! I respect them as living things, i'm just... scared of scales.
  2. Typically spraying a hose in its general direction will get it to get a move on. I'd have a blast wherever you live! I looooove catching lizards and snakes.
  3. Ohoh... sorry thanks for the suggestion, but I should mention, we're having a drought where we live, all hoses are banned :sad:.

    Thank you for that though.
  4. Except for the dog barking (and making you nuts) generally snakes are good thing to have around because they eat bugs and mice...

    Of course, if they are actually venomous snakes it could pose a real risk for you and your family and pet(s).

    Do you kind of snakes you have?
  5. Actually they do make a product to get rid of snakes in your yard. It is called SNAKE A WAY. It is a power type thing that you put around your whole property and it is supposed to keep the snakes away. I believe it is a sulfur product. You can buy it at a large hardware store or check online too. I have seen it in some home improvement and garden catalogs. I had a problem in Florida with Pygmy rattlesnakes--they were forever biting my beagles. You had to be so careful just going out because they were always around. We lived on 5 acres in the middle of nowhere.
    Good luck.
    I hate most snakes but the previous owners had a black snake they left milk in a bowl each day outside and asked us to continue it and I actually did. This little black snake would hang out in one spot and sun himself-he was kid of cute as far as snakes go.
  6. I know they're good, I just want them to sort of go away for a while until my puppy shuts up and doesn't see them anymore (nor can I for that matter), then they can party on in my backyard like there's no tomorrow to their heart's content.

    I think they're carpet pythons.
  7. I've heard about this one, but I don't want them to actually go away per se... otherwise our house will be swimming in mice. Yep, living in the middle of nowhere definitely sucks. But if it comes down to it I think I will use snake repellent.
    Gah they bite your beagle? :sad:... oh dear i'm hardly ever at home in the morning to keep an eye out.

    I'm... really picky aren't I?

    I heard someone poured hot water on them and they ran away for a while... is that bad for snakes?
  8. Yes, hot water is bad for them....I think there must be a better way....we used to put a rough rope around our campsite, but maybe that is an old cowboy tale...we never had snakes visit though....

    keep checking online, I am sure there are some good suggestions that would work and not harm the snakes....