Scared of... AZUR!!

  1. I'm getting it when its available in my local LV boutique for which all of them disappeared over the weekend :s.. but I'm scared of all the feedback over it :sad:

    The Azur is gorgeous but I'm scared to get it stained from my jeans .. and inspite of that I'm still getting it !! It's too pretty not to have.. anyone share my fears :girlsigh:
  2. I haven't had any problems with the canvas being stained...think it's pretty low maintenance..
  3. i have an azur speedy, and the piping is a bit blue and so is the canvas : ( but it really is a pretty bag.. and im really scared of the patina as well.. right now its a honey color but i dont want to think about how it will look when it becomes darker!
  4. I have azur speedy 30.. no problem bag.
  5. Canvas is really easy to take care of, I'd be more worried about the piping. But with a speedy, I don't think there'd be real danger of the piping rubbing on your jeans, b/c there's just piping on the sides of the bag. You should get one - it would be perfect for summer!
  6. Don't be afraid of getting an Azur bag. Buy one and admire its beauty!
  7. I'm sure that the bag will be fine, I love azur and I have a french purse and a mini pochette and they're problems with color transfer. Do let us know what you get!
  8. azur is just like damier and mono. It will not get dirty, but like you said it may get stained with jeans. Just try not to wear dark jeans (even if you wash them several times after, it may still stain, like how mine did). However, it really depends on WHICH BAG you buy. Eg. if you buy one where it can rub on your hips (eg. speedy, Saleya GM ...etc), then just be more careful, otherwise if it's an pochette accessoire, I think the chances of it getting stained will be less...
    Personally, my Saleya GM has a streak of blue-ish colour in the back. It really doesn't bother me. I don't know if it'll come off with some solvents/cleansers cuz I've never bothered trying to rid of it.
  9. I got my azur at the beginning of summer last year and used it all summer w/o any stain issues. Aside from the handles, pretty low maintenance :tup:
  10. If there is color transfer, try using non-alcohol, fragrance-free baby wipes and Mr. Clean magic eraser - both perform miracles.
  11. You should get it, it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. I wear it with dark jeans all the time and it got stained several times but it came right off when I wiped it down with baby wipes. :yes:
  12. I've inspect my azur after each use because it's white. I've noticed blue on from my jeans on the piping but was able to get it out with baby wipes. Just make sure you maintain it so the stains don't set in.
  13. Thank you for the feedback..Now I'm just waiting for my SA to call me and tell me that a stock of azur speedies is in..
  14. There have been people with color transfer from jeans onto their azur bags. However, I hardly noticed it on the pictures they took. You can try a search and see the pictures, but I think unless you're really picky, it shouldn't be a problem.
  15. I have the azur saleya mm and I use as my baby bag for my 1 year old. I love it. I had it for a year now and I am still using it. It is easy to care for. My DH thinks it is funny that I spent $1000+ on a diaper bag.