Scared I'm jinxing myself...but my new ink twiggy is here!

  1. :yahoo: :wlae: :jammin: :girlsigh: :tender:
    Thanks J for the most beautiful ink twiggy. I will forget my stolen one in no time....! I will be sure to post pictures of myself carrying my new ink twiggy as soon as I get my camera back from my sis.

    Where can I buy handcuffs?

    Happy but scared to lose ms. ink twiggy again!:shame:

    BTW, thank you all for the support you have given me throughout my ordeal! I love PF!
  2. Im so happy for you. Hope you love it just as much if not more. Will you be getting your LV wallet too?
  3. i want to get my LV wallet, but i think i'll hold off for now. My original LV wallet was given to me by my grandmother, so even if I were to buy the exact same one, the sentimental value just isn't there anymore. So holding off for now.
  4. yay for the ink twiggy!! :yahoo:
    so glad you love her! :flowers:
  5. Your ink twiggy was stolen?:wtf: How awful.:crybaby:

    But congratulations on your new bag.:flowers:
  6. hi cilla, yes it was stolen 1 hour after I had it (see my separate thread if you're interested).

    Mocean: HAHAHA, you crack me up!!!! How about some kinky ones with fuzzy pink feathers and animal prints on it?
  7. So how do you like your new one? Is the leather much different from your first one? Congrats, by the way...glad you got a replacement so quickly! :smile:
  8. I am SOOO glad that Amex pulled through with you on this one. It's such a big relief and I'm impressed how quickly you got the replacement Twiggy. Have you been able to replace all your ID and other stuff yet?
  9. the first one's leather was a tad different: a little more purple with a little less marbling, so i think the leather seemed a tad thicker in some places. also the handles were stiffer with more scrunciness

    my new one is a little more navy, but purplely in the sunlight. alot smoother handles too! more marbling in the front, but it's softer (maybe from gentle use).

    i guess all b-bags are unique, which is wonderful.
  10. Yes, I am still going through the claims process with Amex, but it seems like there won't be a problem.

    Still waiting for all my credit cards to come. My ATM card came and I have an appointment for the DMV tomorrow.
  11. God bless you and your bags Didi. Good LORD you've had some trials lately! :heart:
  12. Oh thank goodness that it is all working out for you!
  13. thanks everyone!!!! it's all the good karma you guys sent over to me.
  14. Yay! I'm so glad that you have a new Ink Twiggy, Didi! :heart: Lol on those S&W handcuffs! hahaha!