Scared for my dog...she is going to get spayed.

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  1. I know this may sound dumb, but I'm scared for my lhasa apso to get spayed. :sad: She just recently turned 2 years old in November and my dad just told me he booked her an appointment to get spayed. And this is at a military base (i think they have vets at some military bases)..anyway, he said it's a lot cheaper than going to a regular vet place...I'm trying to talk my parents out of it because I want to check out this vet place but its 3 hours away and i'm in school right now so my schedule really sucks and they are closed on weekends. Anyway my dad got some reccomendations from some of his co-workers to go to this vet place so thats why he thinks its okay to get my dog spayed here...anyway am i just being paranoid because i love my dog sooo much that i dont want her to go through any pain or anything?? and plus i don't want her personality to change or for her to get any lazier coz she is pretty damn lazy!!!

    And i know it's a law to have your pets spayed but she is a house dog and never goes out but when we take her out to potty and for small walks....

    should i not be worried??
  2. I think we all get frightened when our dogs have to go in for anything - I know I do! I get teary when they draw blood every year.

    Don't worry - I'm sure your dad is doing the best thing for your lhasa as he did ask around to check out the vet. Plus, all dogs should be neutered/spayed unless you plan to breed them. Your dog should be out for the procedure (she won't feel a thing) & they will send her home with pain pills to make her comfortable. Our dog is a boy but he didn't change one bit after being "fixed". I think that is what happens when you don't have the operation done super early. Your dog is young & should handle the anesthesia well - she'll recover in no time! Good luck & I'm sure your lhasa will be just fine :tup:
  3. Don't worry. My baby got spayed yesterday and she's doing fine. Just a little groggy and sleepy, but that's to be expected. While I never would call any surgery "routine," this is a proceedure that is done frequently by most vets. I almost cried Wednesday morning when I had to leave her, but it's for the best.

    By not getting your puppy spayed, you may be looking at some serious health problems when she gets older. You are saving her life by getting her spayed.
  4. aww thank you Simone and Natalie!!! It makes me feel sooo much better hearing it from other pet owners because a lot of my friends dont have pets so I can't ask them!! :smile: For some reason I thought 2 years old was already old to get spayed for some reason...i guess because everyone i've heard of gets their pet spayed really really young...

    natalie i wish the best for your baby and her recovery!!! :smile:
  5. oh and one more question...

    so does my dog have to be supervised at all times for the next week after the surgery? because my mom works full time and so does my dad so she would be alone for about 8 hours per day at the most..she has a cage...but i heard you are not supposed to leave your dog alone after surgery....and i can't take care of her b/c i have to be in school and the place where she is getting spayed is 3 hours away.....does anyone have any insight on this? I'm thinking puppy hotel but my dad is out at the boonies and there are no puppy hotels over where he lives and where my dog is getting spayed....
  6. She really doesn't need constant supervision unless there is a complication. Dogs heal at an amazing will be so surprised! Of course, you do need to keep an eye on the stitched up area to make sure there is no infection or anything strange.
  7. spaying is very safe. I have like 4-6 shih tzu females spayed each year, I spay the pets before they go to new homes.
  8. Spaying is a routine procedure, she will be just fine!

    You don't have to watch the dog 24/7, but try to limit her movement and running around. Also, it might help if she wore a cone so she doesn't try to lick the sutures.
  9. she'll be fine! i know it is so scary to have any pet have surgery, but the spay/neuter surgery is done so often by vets, you really shouldn't worry. and you'll be doing her health a favor in the long run by having her spayed now.

    as for watching the dog, you'll probably be able to tell the 1st day afterward how the dog will be- mine slept after the surgery for hours, but i think she was more stressed just from being left at the vet all day. she really had no idea what had happened- she wanted to run around and play, and i had to keep stopping her! since yours has a crate, she should be okay.

    the only thing to watch is whether she's interested in her stitches- if she is, and has to wear one of those collars, it might be nice to have someone stay with her for a day or two. could she get the spay on a friday so people would be home with her on the weekend?
  10. thanks everyone for your responses!

    courty, sadly, the place my dad is getting my dog spayed only do the surgeries on tuesdays :sad: i was thinking maybe putting her in her crate will be the best choice..
  11. I would have your dad ask the vet what to do after surgery in terms of supervision/movement, meds & an e-collar. If your parents work full time, perhaps the vet/staff can keep your dog immediately after surgery & have your parents pick her up on Thursday? I think a lot of vets keep pets the first 24 hours.

    I know you are worried as you are not close by, but I'm sure your lhasa will be just fine & back to normal in no time. Good luck!
  12. I will tell you what I always told owners when I worked as a vet tech. Do not leave her unsupervised. If you cannot watch her, put her in a confined space. Whether or not dogs heal faster than people isn't really clear. They make act like they are better when they are not completely healed because they are pack animals. A weak animal will be left behind or ostracized socially. So they may act like things are great when they are not. So limited activity -- no running, no jumping. Walk her on a leash and try to keep her off of htings like beds and sofas (so she doesn't have to jump).
    Limit water tonight and don't be surprised if she isn't interested in eating.
    She may also not poop or may have really loose stool for a few days. This is normal and a result of the anesthesia and the surgery.
    And it may be tough, but do your best to keep her E collar on and follow these instructions. Some of them are easier said than done. So just do your best and she'll be fine.
  13. Just watch for dehesion - whatever the technical term is.

    One of my girls - the skin healed but the tissue opened up she neede dto go in surgery again and get restitched inside.

    That had only happened to me 1x in 10 years of having pups spayed.
  14. Thank you Everyone for your wonderful and very helpful responses...

    Well TODAY IS THE BIG DAY.... and honestly i am SCARED OUT OF MY MIND..i even dreamed about my baby last night and i just can't stop thinking about what she has to go through and she doesn't even know what's happening :sad: Anyway, I know that all dogs before a major surgery have to get labs drawn correct?? Just to make sure that they are okay and can go through with the surgery? Anyway, I just found out that the Vets that my dad took my dog to didn't even make it MANDATORY to have labs drawn!!!! I was HORRIFIED!!! When I found out I called my dad (after the fact that he had already dropped my baby off) and told him about the whole Lab draw situation and he said he had requested one to be done which of course is an extra fee...Anyway, my question is, is it even possible to get lab results in less than 24hrs? I dad dropped her off at 8:30am and is going to pick her up at 4:30pm...they dont even offer overnight service to these dogs that are coming in for surgery!!!! I am sooo upset! Am I just over-reacting???? I guess I am just mad at myself also, because I should have just forced my parents to not take her to this place and just pay the extra $200 to have her spayed close to my mom's house which REQUIRES labs/checkup and requires overnight stay as well!!!
  15. Labs were not mandatory at the vet that I take Belle to. Of course, I paid the extra money to have them done. They did them the same day as her surgery.

    I know how nerve-wrecking it is to wait for news about your baby, but she will be fine. This isn't the vet's first time doing this surgery. An extra $200 for labs and an overnight stay sounds a bit high to me, but each vet charges differently...

    Your baby will be fine. To set your mind at ease, call the vet around 2:00. By then, she should be in recovery and they can let you know how it went. That's what I did, and I felt so much better afterwards.