scarce LV that show up on eLux - returns?

  1. i notice that sometimes on this forum someone will alert fellow PFers that something like a Damier Azur30 is on eLux and bin it?
    why do they show up on the site in small increments?
    do they run out and then sell returns?
    i'm confused and wondering!
  2. I think Elux works like a big LV boutique. They don't get 100 bags of each model. So like all the stores, the smaller ones get 2-3 bags of model X per shipment, while the bigger stores can get like...iono...10? but definitely not a lot :yes:
  3. Sometimes, I think some bags are returned. I got lucky. Last November, a mandarin pocket organizer showed up on Eluxury. Boy, did I jump on that. I was thrilled to have found one. It looked brand new. However, I did order a dhanura in mandarin, and I could tell it was a return. Not only had it been in the box for two years, it also had a slight worn look to it.
  4. i asked the rep about this when she told me there was only one keepall 45 in stock when i ordered mine, and she said it is possible it could have been a return but she assured me that quality control would make sure it was in brand new sellable condition. she also said that they are just like any store...they could get one in, they could get three in, they really just don't know.
  5. Hmmm, possibly returns, but I think left-over stock is probably this case. eLux is pretty strict about their 60 day return policy. My sister in law missed it by 2 days and they wouldn't issue the RA number. Left over stock does tend to pop up suddenly.. I bought a Cherry Blossom pouchette a year after the initial release from the LV in Vegas after my SA said he opened the box and there it was! He said he quietly called me first before the other reps got to it!