Scar Jo's new LV ADS!!!

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  1. I Love Sj!!!
  2. Wow... she looks so sophisticate...

    That bag is hugh...
  3. Gorgeous as always!
  4. Great pics! I'd like to see a close up of the bag in the first pic.
  5. I like Scarlett- she looks awesome!!
  6. GAHHH!! :drool: so much better than the Spring/Summer ads! she's beautiful! very glamorous indeed :yes:
  7. I love Scarlett - But I don't know how much I like these photos. IMO there have been better looking campaigns.
  8. I think shes both beautiful and classy...which just sums up LV too. I think shes an excellent face for the brand.
  9. Ooh, I like the darker feel. And Scarlett's so classy, it works!
  10. I like!!!! She looks beautiful!
  11. the bag reminds me of the polly ;)
  12. She's gorgeous! and i really want to see a close up on that bag!
  13. Yes a lot better!!!:tup:
  14. Woooo, those are hot! :nuts: I love!