Scar healing cream

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  1. Any recomendations for this?

    Its 2 weeks after my surgery and there are still some scars on my eyelid, are there any creams i can apply to makebthe scars fade faster?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. kenacort for sure. its not a cream its an infection use micro needles. It dissolves the scar from the inside. I had visible scarring when i had my eyes done. 2 injections 2 weeks apart from each other and they were completely gone. You need a surgeon, dermantologist or liscened nurse to do it for you tho. That's not an over the counter product.

    Or there's a cream called kelacote (i think that's what its called) that's supposed to work but i didn't notice any results so i just went and used the kenacort and BAM lol
  3. Wow where do you get kenacort? I googled and it looks too potent to be applied on the eyes :shocked: I tried kelocote too but it doesnt work as well as raved.
  4. I recommend Bio Oil.
  5. mederma cream and CICA silicone sheet works great for me.
  6. Where can i find bio oil, mederma cream and cica?
  7. bio oil and mederma you can find at your local target or drugstore. bio oil, mederma and cica are all available on :biggrin:
  8. ScarZone really worked for all my scars. You can get a small tube, but the bigger container from Amazon is a better value if you'll be using it for other areas.
  9. Miracell scar support cream