Scanpan Cookware Review And Thoughts/Suggestion On Good Cookware?

  1. Hello,

    For the first time I had a bad experience with my cookware. I have mainly been using a nonstick set from Caphalon for about 2 years now. Last week I cooked a meal and noticed black specks in my noodles. I did not use pepper and could not figure out what it was. Turns out the pan had small scratches at the bottom, so when the pan got really hot the little flecks broke off and ended up in my food. Needless to say I was none to happy. So, I figure being as though I try to limit fast food and cook at home as much as possible..... its time to upgrade my cookware game!

    My initial plan was to forego non-stick cookware and move over to a good stainless steel set. I figured I would get more bang for my buck. But after a brief bit of research I purchased the Scanpan CTX cookware set. Does anyone out there have any experience using Scanpan Cookware, if yes what are your thoughts?

    I figure I will still get my all stainless steel set but im still in the process of researching. Any suggestions on good stainless steel cookware would also be appreciated.

  2. All Clad. It’s pricey but worth every cent. I used to average a new set of cookware every two years (about $100) for a good 15 years before I finally caved & bought the $400 starter set from Macy’s. I could have saved myself close to $800 if I had done it earlier. I only use the AC SS & Le Creuset cast iron now.
  3. Thanks, funny you say "All Clad" was out over the weekend and bought 2 of there oval bakers. Im also looking into other pieces from this brand.
  4. Years ago I ditched all my nonstick cookware. When it gets scratched & into your food it’s not good for your health at all.

    I only use stainless, glass, & cast iron now. I also have le creuset enamal coated cast iron.

    Once cast iron skillets are broken in they are just as good as non stick for things not sticking & they are super easy to clean & care for. I have 5 cast iron skillets in all different sizes. My favorite kitchen items.