Scanned Pics for New 2008 Spring Line

  1. hi ladies! i scanned some pics of the new purses coming in for Spring. See the "New 2008 Spring Line" post. the pics aren't great, but at least you get to see what the new styles will look like. i hope this helps! ;)
  2. No Pics!!!!!! We need Pics!!!!! C'mon, Pics!!!!!!!!! :choochoo:
  3. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! I am in sOOOOOOOO much trouble!!!! I see many bags that I LOVE!!!!! Help me!!!
  4. p.s. Thanks KAtey for posting!!
  5. Duh......I just checked out the proper thread. I think Kooba did a great job for Spring!!!
  6. No problem! ;) Which ones do you have your eye on?
  7. WELLL.....Kerri, Roni and Nelli look kinda groovy. Can't wait for Kooba to post on the site! Plus there were a couple smaller ones...:girlsigh:
  8. They're all so cute! I'm also waiting for Kooba to post on their site. I don't know why they're taking so long! :drool:
  9. Oh My! The Jacinda!!!!!
    Oh My!

    She's gorgeous!!!
    She makes an absolute statement!!

    Go to Neiman and look her up!!