Scandal! NY does not heart Gucci

  1. From which quotes the New York Post:

    We're not the only one's taking umbrage with the new red, white and blue Gucci [Hearts] NY merchandise, trotted out for the unveiling of the luxury brand's massive new Fifth Avenue flagship store. The government is also unhappy with the limited-edition accessories because they boast a copyrighted logo. NY Post:
    ...when the store finally opened its doors Friday, the company began selling a line of limited-edition products - all stamped with "Gucci [hearts] NY," an obvious takeoff on the classic "I [heart] NY" logo, which became New York's trademarked slogan 31 years ago...The only problem is that the company did not get permission to use the New York state logo—even in an altered way—with its iconic red heart and black letters. And New York zealously guards its copyright—the state has filed more than 3,000 legal challenges over infringements...Thomas Ranese, chief marketing officer for the Empire State Development agency, which controls the copyright to the slogan, told The Post that Gucci had not contacted the agency and did not have permission to use the logo.​
    Oops! Maybe those purses will become collectors items after all.
  2. that is so ridiculous!! and Chanel has an "LA" bag. why is no one making a big over that? and its a HANDBAG!!

    I highly doubt this will take away business from their "I heart NY" cups, tee-shirts, sweaters, bumper stickers....
  3. yea seriously... uhh cups/t-shirts are not on the same level as a luxury purse. they should be happy they are elevating the 'logo'
  4. wow. that sucks
  5. that is soooo ridiculous. If anything, they are bringing attention back to NYC!!! I guess it all boils down to the dollar signs $$$$$$.
  6. hahaha Oh and NYC is the city where you can find knock offs on almost every corner in the city. No offense to all my NY people :flowers:
  7. Well, luckily Gucci doesn't have anymore to sell so they don't have any stock to pull at the moment. :graucho:
  8. It's a corporate/copyright infringement world after all...u even need to pay if u wanna sing Happy Birthday in public/on TV...geez. (yeah that's right...sad yet true)
  9. What's interesting is that Gucci did not profit directly from the sales of these bags -- 100% of the proceeds went to the Playground Partners of the Central Park Conservatory. True, Gucci did profit indirectly -- how many other sales were driven by people drawn in by the ads? Ah well...
  10. NY is so strict when it comes to copyrights, huh..
  11. are you serious? so who has rights to the song?

    what? already? geez
  12. Now it makes me really want the bag now...
  13. Some people have way too much time on their hands.