Scan a PCE card ..

  1. Ok this will be my last resort.. & last posting about this.

    I was wondering if any of the ladies here that have a PCE card could possibly scan it/FAX it and email it to me...PLEASE! I would be forever grateful.

    I just bought a set of spring purse & accessories the other day and my SA said if I can show her the PCE what it entails, she will price match it for me this weekend...

    I'm not taking it to names no nothing, you can still use the one you physically won't affect your shopping at all!

    I just need a .pdf file of the PCE so I can print it out and show my SA i can get some money back..


    PLEASE!!! please PM me!
    Thanks in Advance
  2. I'd totally do it if I had one. I am not much of a help. Sorry.
  3. Thank you for acknowledging it though...its the thought that counts ...
    well this time a scanned/faxed PCE card would be great too! :lol:hee hee

    no one seems to be willing to help me save some money.:crybaby:
  4. Have you tried eBay??? there is pictures there.
  5. Coach will not accept a copy of the invitation
  6. Its not for COACH, she said Macys would honor it if she had a print out of it.
  7. CRYLATER3: I did, there was only one seller that i was able to find who showed the 'print' side of the PCE it was so small, when I enlarge it to readable size, it was all so blurry :crybaby: