Scammers Are Back On Ebay

  1. Hi Everyone,
    They're baaaaccck. With a vengeance. He/she/it has stolen several seller's pictures. I notified a couple of sellers, but don't have time for more now. Anyone else game to alert a few people? These listings just popped up, so the sooner they get pulled, the better.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up I was one of the people you alerted! I emailed
    a couple of other sellers as well.......grrrrrrrr, I hate these people!
  3. I saw that! They are soooooooo annoying! They take up so much space! LOL
  4. They are horrid. It's not enough that they sell fake merchandise, but they have to poach honest seller's photos, to boot. They're not only dishonest, they're lazy. I wish there was another option besides Ebay for pre-owned bags. They don't mind collecting the seller's fees for high-end items, but won't do anything to police the marketplace. I'd love to vote with my feet...:mad:
  5. i heard the japanese yahoo auction is great... they have nice options with quite expensive price, because the bags there is more expensive there. but... the language is in japan :sad:
  6. Hi,
    I've heard about that! Too bad I don't speak Japanese...
  7. Are you talking about the 89$ and 119$ bags that have overwhelmed the listing? That makes me so mad because a lot of people would buy them not realizing they are getting total CRAP!
  8. Yes!!! OMG! That seller drives me nuts! He/She keeps creating new accounts(all with 10 feedback given to him/her on the same day and all from China)with nothing but stolen pics. This seller has a bunch listed recently all for $78. I e-mailed Ebay and a couple of the sellers to let them know that their pics were stolen. This scammer totally doesn't care that some of the stolen pics have clear watermarks on them!
  9. Hi All, my pictures were constantly getting stolen a few weeks ago on ebay. Someone was kind enough to e-mail me an html code that does not allow anyone to right click on your pictures. If anyone would like a copy of the code, just pm me and I'll send it to you. :yes:
  10. unfortunately I don't think preventing right-clicking really helps. I noticed that in my internet explorer, when my mouse is located over a pic, a small internet explorer toolbar pops out, allowing me/other people to save that picture without the need of right-clicking :sad: