scammers and their stories

Aug 22, 2006
can't you just hear the violins in the background of this e-bay auction for a really bad fake croc birkin? :crybaby: :crybaby:

"Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I will be graduating from veterinary college in May. My mother is a collector and saver, and last year she had an amazing opportunity to buy two genuine crocodile authentic Hermes Birkin bags from Paris. She knew this was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime chance, since the waiting lists are so long! Since she is a firm believer that every grown-up lady should have one really nice, lasting handbag, she took some of her savings and bought these bags. She did not get a deal on them...She bought them at store value (over $60,000!). Her plan was to wait until this spring when my twin sister, Sarah, and I graduated from college (Sarah will be getting her Master's degree in English Literature). She was going to surprise us with them on graduation day.
However, Sarah and I both needed brain surgery earlier this year to correct a cogenital defect, and our family savings was greatly depleted. Then, the land behind our rural Mississippi family home unexpectedly went up for sale and the dreaded subdivision contractors came out to look at it. We knew we had to act fast. We all scrambled to put in enough 'good faith' deposit money for the land, and now we are liquidating everything we can to get the rest. We have 30 days. That's why these bags are going so cheap. Momma was extremely upset when she brought the bags out of the closet and said she had to sell them. But it's worth it. She's even catalogging her prized collection of Roseville pottery to sell. That's how serious she is!
So, not only will your purchase get you a genuine crocodile Hermes Birkin bag that will NEVER go out of style, you will also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped to save a small Southern family's homeplace. These bags come with everything listed above, which is what they came with from the store. The only things missing are the boxes, which she had to leave in Paris because my daddy made her fit everything into her suitcases (men!). They do, however, come with the brown wrapping ribbons. Thanks so much for looking!"

the auction already ended "because the item is no longer available for sale" (i'm guessing that means some poor fool bought them both privately), but here's the link in case you'd like to take a look at the train-wreck for yourself.
eBay: Authentic Hermes Birkin 35 cm Porosus Cacao Bag (item 110064932859 end time Dec-05-06 20:03:10 PST)
...and we had no money so the instructors at the vet school had to do the surgery and I have to say it did not work out too well cause now I am scamming people on E-bay....
DQ.....I re-read this and you know what? It's got to be joke. Really. Dont you think? I mean....she's thrown everything in there except the kitchen sink and I think if we look hard enough....we'll even find THAT!!!!
this so funny. Maybe I should email her and see if my dh (Neurosurgeon) can help her with the surgery so she doesn't have to sell her beloved croco birkins.
I could not stop laughing while I was reading the message, because all the things she mentioned sound so unreal and excessively exaggerated. I managed to send her an email from one of her current listings. I offered to buy her crocodile birkin (if still available), because it looks so gorgeous.
I'll let you know about her response.
You've GOT to be kidding. Both sisters get surgery at the same time to correct a congenital defect, yet they made it to adulthood and graduated from college without any incident? Puh-leeze ... my father had emergency brain surgery (maybe not the same thing, I know) and he is definitely not the same. No WAY this story is real! But they get a point for the sheer nerve of putting it to paper!

Someone should check her story and see where this scammer is claiming to graduate from vet school ... and see if she was ever a student!