Scammer WARNING!!! Do not buy from this seller!!!!!

  1. This seller has opened a new account. She has scammed many over the years for thousands of dollars under different eBay ID's. Her last ID was recoveringshopaholic1 and she tried to scam me out of $800.00 which took me 3 months and much wasted time to recover!! I would hate for anyone to go through the same nightmare. BEWARE!!!!

    here is the old information....

    this is the new one.....
  2. Wow, that's interesting. That bag was posting on the Authenticate section. I hope that person reads this.
  3. How did you figure out it was the same seller?
  4. If you can prove these two are the same person, I would say contacting eBay would be the next step. It looks like the item in question may have been listed under the previous account? correct?
  5. I remember a number of people on the Auth this forum commented that they thought it was a scammer and warned the poster to keep away, thankfully.
  6. Thanks so much for exposing this criminal!
  7. ^^


    I LOVE this forum!!!

    ATTENTION ALL SHADY SELLERS!!! You can run but you cannot hide...
  8. yikes!! i'm a seller and a buyer. this scares me.

  9. She always establishes good feedback by buying items (which are ususally related to the Philadelphia Flyers) - Then, she will list a high end item. Same town in Canada too. I'm afraid the winner of the seafoam first is in for a real nightmare!!! Too bad eBay started blocking the ID's of bidders so there is really no way to warn anyone who might have bid on it.
  10. You can contact the winning bidder when the auction ends and hopes she believes you and files a claim asap.
    But it is against ebay policy to conact bidders... So idk.
  11. Educate me here. How are these people related. What clue am I missing?
  12. Just remember that she does read this forum. :ninja:

    Edit: Reid, you are missing a long history of clues that I don't think should be shared in an open forum that, as I mentioned, the person in question is known to read.
  13. Thanks, Purse-Ooooh "D"! I'm one of the people who threw in an early bid. No more bids from me.
  14. I knew I was missing something which is why I asked! I think someone else has asked the same question. I didn't need a detailed list, though was only curious because I don't know the "history" and since this thread is public, I was only curious just like others.