SCAMMER ALERT - Dont Bid on Mirage Black Lim Ed. Bag

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  1. Just to give a heads up.

    If anyone is bidding on this auction:

    Two of our members were just scammed by this seller.
    She listed a Balenciaga Part-Time Bag and sold it twice.
    Now she has relisted it to try and sell a third time.

    Here is the thread for more information:

  2. cant we report her somehow?
  3. Ok, it's possible I jumped the gun.
    The seller just responded in the other thread:

    Perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt,

    In defense, we all have to look out for one another here

    Here is a very clear example of how people are jumping to conclusions and I was simply trying to sell an AUTHENTIC bag and wallet that I own and I end up getting taken advantage of, having an ubsubstatiated claim filed against me (after less than 72 hours of buyer paying for this bag), and then SMEARED all over this forum because one person decides that they are mad. Let me tell you that I am not the kind of person who will take this lying down, because I know that I have done no wrong! And to prove that I will also post ALL OF MY COMMUNICATIONS with anyone who has been involved with this so called scam!

    I also remember reading a post just yesterday from the moderators where they specifically advised against NOT doing this kind of thing because it is not right!

    Who would have ever thought that being in a tough spot and deciding to sell a bag at a good price because I needed the money would have so many individuals falling all over themselves to get the deal first. And then I am the one who gets blasted and accused of things that are not true.

    Now let me be clear, I have not sat and read through this entire thread. I woke up this morning to check my eBay messages to find this: posted by LVlover, "They say you are a scammer. Go to this link. Shame on you. Im reporting you." WTF?

    I had to begin to address this, RIGHT NOW! I am going to feed my girls breakfast, then come back and sit down and give everyone who felt the need to blast me, call me a scammer, report me, and whatever else has been done, MY SIDE OF THE STORY! This will include a timeline, including messages from all ppl I communicated with from the time I listed this bag!

    Oh, by the way, I will take pictures of my bag, RIGHT NOW, and email/and or post to anyone who wants to see that I still have it and am not a scammer!
  4. Please post the auction in the Authenticate This LV thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.