scammed... what do I do now??

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  1. I bought a Nintendo Wii from a couple of weeks ago (the 19th). They charged my CC on the 26th so I've been calling them every day since then to check the status of the order. They never pick up their phone during business hours nor do they answer their emails.
    I filed a dispute with my CC on the 29th and low and behold, they provided a tracking number on the 30th (UPS 2nd day air). The package wasn't actually in the system until Dec. 4th and I got it today. It was an empty small box! (4x4x4).
    What do I do now? I already called Amex again today and they noted my empty box in the dispute, but I have a feeling I'll never see the $300 again :sad:.
  2. Don't fret, Amex is great. I'm sure they will side with you. Keep the box -- it may be used as evidence to prove that your item didn't come in it. I bet someone at the company snatched your item. Report the company to the BBB!
  3. ^^ I don't think someone at the company snatched my item because I just googled them and it seems that they have been scamming people for a while now.

    How do I go about to reporting them to the BBB?
  4. Go to their website: On their homepage right at the top is a button to click on if you want to file a complaint. They will contact the company on your behalf. I did this with over a merchandise return dispute and they returned my money faster than I could believe after I did that. Good luck!
  5. Sorry to hear this!!!!! VERY glad you paid via AMEX and are protected! If you Google this name you will see other people have been scammed too. Their contact info will also come up.
  6. that stinks i hope you get your money back so you can buy yourself a wii they are so fun !
  7. Don't fret, AMEX is GREAT!!! Sorry this happened to you though.
  8. oh no! Im sorry this happened to you.. I was scammed once also, but for only $90 which is nothing compared to your $300.. but it made me SO incredibly angry and upset.. just the thought of dishonest people like that me want to throw up! I hope everything works out ok for you!
  9. Thats horrible! I'm so sorry to hear that's happened to you, I hope you can get your money back :smile:
  10. :yucky: what a horrible experience, sorry to hear it ally! Dont worry tho...Amex is fantastic and I'm sure that once their creditors do some research on this shady company you will get your $$ back in full!!
  11. I hope you get your money back. Have you contacted the BBB yet?
  12. I filed with the BBB yesterday. Hopefully amex will have my back!
  13. That's sick. I hope they get what they deserve!
  14. Well at least you have a credit card, involved otherwise I'd say you have no chance in hell. But honestly, I think it's safe to say your not going to receive what you've ordered, but I think it's safe to say Amex is on your side.