Scammed ... Paid Paypal w/CC - what do I do?

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  1. I am pretty sure I have been scammed and I need to know what the best procedure is for me. If you start reading from this message in the Authenticate This! Balenciaga! thread, you'll get the story.

    When can I first open a dispute with Paypal? After I get the item & it is clearly fake? What if I don't even receive the item...within how many days of sending payment can I open the dispute?

    I paid with a credit card through Paypal, but the last time I had an issue w/an eBay item paid this way, I called the CC company, they referred me to Paypal and wouldn't do anything!! Does this mean I'm out of luck as far as doing a chargeback?
  2. Fiat, sorry this happened to you. You'll need to wait until you receive the item as proof that it's fake. Then you can file significantly not as described. See what Paypal does. If you don't get all your money back, file a dispute w/ your CC company. Tell them you've received a counterfeit. If they give you trouble, keep escalating it to a supervisor until you get the problem resolved.

    Also, as an FYI for the future, I've found that Amex has the best customer service when dealing with counterfeits. I too have been duped and gotten every penny back from Amex.
  3. gotta to go through paypal first , then credit card . You have six months or so with the credit card , no panic there .
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys.

    By the way, what is the best way for me to archive the auction to be able to prove what photos she posted (in case she removes the photos)? Anyone have any advice? I've already tried "save as ... web archive" and "save as ... webpage complete," neither of which worked. I tried "save as ... webpage (html only)," and that worked, but it has absolute links to the images, and doesn't actually save the images.

    So, do you recommend I just do screenshots (I will have to do many multiple screenshots to get everything, including the enlarged photos)?

    Let me know if there is a better option...I just need to make sure I have valid proof, if needed.
  5. I've done color printouts in the past to use as proof as needed. That way you don't have to worry about anything changing.
  6. fiat - I was able to save the page & images, I'll zip it and email it to you. Haven't read the story yet.
  7. So sorry this happened to you! Your CC company will reimburse you if you push them, fake goods come under
    the category of fraud. Amex is the best for these types
    of situations, they take great care of their customers. I make sure that I use Amex for all eBay related transactions. I hope someone can help you with the computer/photo saving......I am clueles on that one.
    It will all work out eventually just be persistant :yes:
  8. I am SO sorry you are going thru this!

    Make sure you escalate it to a claim asap also.

    Good luck! Hugs!
  9. Thanks so much everyone ... and LP ... thank you! It is a sad tale of a supposedly experienced Balenciaga buyer falling for the oldest tricks in the book.... :p
  10. I need your help again - should I refuse delivery of the item if it turns out that she required signature for delivery? I'm wondering if that will make it less likely that I can get my money back, since I won't have been able to look at the item and verify it is fake?

    Also, if I *do* open it and find it is fake (which I'm 100% sure it will be), what is stopping her from saying that I "switched" the bags?
  11. make sure to get the tracking number from the seller because you will have to provide paypal with this number and then refuse the package. you will get all of your money from paypal(including shipping). open a dispute and give paypal the tracking number, they will look it up and see that it was refused and give your your money back asap. and the best part is you wont have to pay for return shipping, so its a win win.
  12. do not receive the package that is the worst thing you can do because it creates a he said she said siruation and you will be fighting it out with paypal(it will take months). refuse it and get the tracking number to give it to paypal
  13. Thanks so much meela!! I plan to follow your advice.

    By the way, I would really appreciate it if you guys would report these two item numbers - one of them is this fake I bought and the other is another fake being sold by the same seller. I think it might help bolster my case if a lot of people report these.

    Item numbers to copy and paste (copy/paste the entire line, including the comma & space):

    200125003560, 200121251786

    Link to Report

    Thank you in advance!!!
  14. ^^ done
  15. Thank you meela! :kiss: :winkiss: :flowers: