Scammed (I think)

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm the person who stupidly paid over $900 for what appears to be a fake Balanciaga bag. Very upset about the whole thing as being an honest person myself don't understand how people can do this to each other.

    Assuming I receive the bag, that's another concern of mine, and confirming it is, indeed a fake, I will file a claim with Paypal and then my credit card company if nothing happens. If anyone has had any similar experiences, I'd like to hear from you.

    Additionally, are then authentic bags on eBay? Was I just unlucky?

  2. Sue, this is awful. We have a specific balenciaga section here, just look under designers, and there is an authentication thread for just this purpose. You pop up the auction numbers and they will be verified by people here that know exactly what they are doing.

    Go in there and put in your auction number, any back up from them that you can get, will help with your paypal or eBay case, and get this scammer banned, and get your money back.

    Also, there is a company called My Poupette, for just a tiny amount they will send you a certificate which proves if your bag is authentic or fake, and eBay have to acknowledge this as they are a reputable business.

    Good luck, but go into balenciaga and get some help
  3. Don't panic yet.
    I have been a buyer and seller on ebay for many years and can tell you there are some honest sellers out there. Unfortunetly there are some dishonest ones too. I have had two situations where I was sold fake bags and in both cases I got my money back. The first time I emailed the seller telling him I knew the bag was fake (lining wasn't the right color) and after several emails back amd forth he took the bag back. It was a coach bag and I threatened to call there fraud department. Most of these disonest sellers don't want trouble I have found. The second time I got no response from the seller so I delt with paypal and they ended up refunding my money. Check out ebay, paypal, and your credit cards policies on filing complaints to make sure you do everything in the correct time frame.
    Have faith and be vigilent.
  4. WElcome! I hope everything works out for you!:smile:
  5. Welcome! Sorry you're here for such a stressful reason. Hang in there and work with paypal/ebay/your cc to get your money back. :flowers: