Scammed by the Consignment Store???

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  1. For those of you who remember me, I'm the one who found some great deals at my neighbourhood consignment store in the thread "Look what I found at my neighbourhood consignment store!!"

    Well, I don't have happy news to report today... as I'm feeling rather deceived and quite disappointed.

    When I got the Monogram Mini Lucille PM TST from them, everything looked fine - when I got home, I took the necessary pics to get it authenticated on this forum. The store had put a price sticker on the brown hanging luggage tag, and I thought nothing of it. My kids have been sick for the past week, so I didn't actually get a chance to sit down and really look at it until last night. I finally went thru it with a fine tooth comb - took off the price sticker, and found that the previous owner had had her name embossed in gold lettering on the luggage tag - this was discreetly hidden by the sticker. And it wasn't just initials, either, it was her full first name.:sad:

    Had I known that it was there, I would never have bought the bag. So, disappointed, I listed it on craigslist last night because I know that store's policy is absolutely no refunds...but my DH told me to call them this morning anyway and see if they'd make an exception coz, afterall, they hid the name under the price tag.

    I did call them...the manager swears she knows nothing about it because she didn't put the price sticker there and that the SA who did put the sticker there wouldn't have known to look for the personalization either...and yet the sticker was conveniently placed directly over the name...:confused1:

    I asked the manager how I was supposed know to look under the price sticker to check if something is there? She asked me if the luggage tag was removable. I said it was, and she replied that she "didn't see a problem then". I told her that wasn't the point. I told her that as a designer bag collector, I don't just buy the bags to carry them - but to collect them...and if some part of the bag is missing or damaged or's virtualy worthless to me, as a collector. She said that my options were that they could re-consign the bag for me at the price I paid (which means, if they sell it again, I'd only get 40% of what I paid) or I could just keep it, and they won't contact me the next time a designer item comes in with personalization on it! But they wouldn't be offering a refund. I asked her why she wouldn't make an exception this time, since I did not know the personalization was on the tag, and she started to stutter and stammer about not deceiving me on purpose, blah, blah...policy is no refunds, blah, blah...

    I asked her to make an exception in the spirit of customer service and she said she'd talk to the owner and would be back to me by the end of the day...Given her attitude and the dismissive tone in her voice when she told me she'd get back to me, I'm not optimistic...:shrugs:

    Good thing I didn't get my second haul of Vernis wallets from them! I'm now re-thinking my long standing relationship with this store.

    Any thoughts? :wtf:
  2. That's the risk you take when buying such items 2nd hand. They offer items AS IS, no guarantee, so youre basically at their mercy. Although you may get a good deal, sometimes things like this happen. For me, its totally not worth it, I prefer to get my LV things at the boutique where I know if I ever have a problem, at least I would have some recourse....
    For all that buy from re-sellers, ebay, imagechic, kk, let-trade, it's basically buyer beware!

    I hope the consignment place is gracious enough to keep your business and cut you a break !!
  3. Ick! I'm sorry this happened to you. And yes, it most definitely sounds like the store knew what it was doing when they placed that pricetag there. What do they expect -- for you to go around carrying it with their price tag conveniently placed over the name?! That's ridiculous. I think I would push for an exception. If they don't call back today, I think I might call back and speak to the owner directly tomorrow.

    Oh, and another thing -- I don't think they would think too kindly of someone peeling off their pricetag in the store in the first place! This definitely sounds deceptive to me.

  4. Travelbliss, ITA, I always shop at the Boutique. When buying from re-sellers etc you are at the mercy of the seller. I once bought a Damier bag with a plastic clip around the waist. The clip broke after about 2 months. I took it back to the store and they said they would fix it. However the next day they called and decided to replace the whole bag for a new on!!

    Thats service......!

    I do feel for your situation because you have a r'ship with the store, maybe next time it may be best to go the boutique or e-lux.
  5. Thanks for the much needed support, travelbliss & mommylovesbags! I'm really quite upset by this, as I called them at 10am this morning, and they still haven't called me back - I'm guessing I won't get a call unless I call and make a big enough stink! :yucky: And I so hate doing that...:sad: I mean, even sellers on eBay will have a policy that says that refunds are allowed only if the item is not as decsribed in the description. Well, in this case, they hid the "flaw" with the price tag...

    I guess it's true what they say about something that's too good to be true... :shrugs:
  6. ^^^^

    If I could make a suggestion....try to apply to get into tpf marketplace. Sooooo much better than any consignment store....
    You will find some great deals on some incredible bags, and have the help and support of authentic bag lovers here !!!!
  7. Thanks, LV Luke. I normally buy my LV directly from the Boutique, but my SA happened to call me when something came in, so I went by...this was actually the first time I've ever purchased LV from a source other than LV. Too bad it's most likely my last too. :sad:
  8. so sorry to hear about this!!!
    it's obvious that the store knew about the personalized tag. how could they not if they put a sticker on top of it?? ugh!
    talk about horrible customer service, especially since it seems like you frequent there often enough for them to call you about new pieces coming in. :sad:
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about this :sad: It really does sound like they were trying to deceive the buyer.
  10. You could try calling an LV store for a new luggage tag? I know cherry TST is discontinued, but it's worth a try.
    You may still have to pay for a new tag, but at the price you originally paid for the bag you'd still be way out in front ;)
  11. That is such ashame.
    They are doing dirty business and I"m sure you won't buy from them anymore.

    Yes the marketplace is a great idea!
    I just applied myself :smile: Just waiting for a decision.
    I trust TPF members over anyone else.
  12. ~What a bummer *wentworthsgal*:sad:. It's a shame that this consignment store has no integrity! Shame on them!~
  13. ITA. Well at least you weren't out tons of $$ on this one.
  14. Wow, it's really unethical what they did. I hope something gets worked out.

    As for shopping at the boutique - sadly, it's not always possible...I'm a huge fan of the Vernis Mat which has been discontinued, so I can only look in those places to get what I really really want...
  15. Yep, I think this would be a good option. Good luck! :smile: