Scammed by Goyard Scammer

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  1. #1 Oct 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 25, 2009
    Yes, I too was scammed by L N P! I see that there are several of us on here and many more who were almost scammed by her.

    I bought a bag from her in October of 2008. At that time her ebay name was drobbins872008. She had a listing for a "100% AUTHENTIC rare pink Goyard St. Louis with receipt". I sent her an email saying if the auction fell through, to let me know. She said she was willing to sell me the bag outside of the auction for $300, if I paid her with a money order. So, she sent me the 'receipt' (a fake too) and I sent her $300. I acutally did get a bag, I have seen posts where people sent the money and didn't get anything. However, the bag I later found out was a fake. Here is what she said, when I said I was afraid of getting ripped off "I completely understand your fear. You can never be too careful these days." I have notified the AR atty general. If you've been scammed, post here. I think it will be helpful to have a list of folks she's sacmmed as well as all her ebay ids.
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    I am so sorry this happened to you!

    A Recap of this scammer who uses both Louis Vuitton and Goyard bags:

    In 2008 a fellow PFer was scammed by an EB seller selling counterfeit Goyard St. Louis Bags. We now continuously check EBay for Goyard listings and post on this thread (and various threads) when when we see this seller relisting.

    Please, if you see suspicious listings take screen shots, post them here, note the sellers ID, and then report the listing as fraudulent

    This scammer would relist under various eBay selling id’s. She used the same photos, same description, same “Barney’s” tag, and fake MP authentication letter or copy of receipt that is stolen from online. If a buyer expressed interest, she would urge payment by bank transfer or Western Union to avoid paypal. Deals were made outside of eBay in most cases. Then the buyers either received a fake bag or nothing at all

    She usually sells (not limited to these):
    Louis Vuitton bags (all styles, usually speedys, watercolor and monogram)
    Goyard bags (Ususally St. Louis style, all colors)

    The list of EB id’s are as follows (but NOT limited to):

    MyConsignment (bonanzle)

    There are at least 7 victims of this scammer that are tpf members.
    Who knows how many others (non tpf members) have been scammed?

    This scammer has also posted in this thread using several tpf id’s:
    “Laurenbaylee” (now banned), “brookd”, and “SaRaMcG”, and "TheFabulousMija"

    My poupette now has possession of the forged document used in some of these auctions.

    She is also using a stolen receipt that she took from Post #98 in ATGoyard:
    The receipt is dated 2/13/2008 and is for a Green and Orange St. Louis GM Barney's NY.

    She has also sent people a copy of her Drivers license in an attempt to instill confidence in buyers.

    Goyard Scammer recap on page #40

    Several screenshots of her previous auctions can be seen here:

    Another informational blog on this scammer is here:

    NOTE: This thread is informational. Please keep comments on topic and relevant. Any inflammatory posts will be reported. This thread needs to stay open to protect those that may fall victim to this scammer in the future. Awareness is key!
  3. OH MY.... OP, if you paid w/ a USPS postal money order, you may can also file a fraud complaint via USPS. Same if the bag was shipped via USPS.
    But you would need proof of same.
  4. When is it going to end with all of these scammers?????

    It is starting to catch up and sooner or later they will be caught

    File with whomever you can...
  5. OP.. a couple of things I could suggest.. go back thru the PF links to threads that AC posted about the GS.. and read them. Perhaps also other members who were scammed can advise you further as to what they did.
    The address you have is the same one I have. Supposedly, she also has a photography myspace.

    As far as filing complaints/charges, past threads should offer some insight...

    ARK Small Claims Court

    ARK Atty Gen

    ARK Fraud Guide

    ARK State Pollice - McCrae is in WHITE county, which would be company F.
    Ask to speak to someone concerning a fraud/counterfeting complaint.

    USPIS if paid w/ USPS money order 1-877-876-2455 (select option 4).
    OR bag was shipped via USPS


    I will post or PM anything else I can find.
  6. And let us not forget....

    nayasmommy (still an active buying ID, I believe)
    secretclosetfinds (bonz)
    swankymomma04 (overstock)
    nicolesboutique (overstock)

    I am sure that there are more....*sigh*
  7. Sorry you got scammed; that's terrible. It was a year ago, so I don't know what, if anything, you'll be able to do legally speaking. As to the list of people scammed and the IDs, there already are several threads with that info and more. Search for "Goyard" and "Goyard scammer" in the this (eBay) subforum and you'll see them. There's info about other scammers/thieves as well.:yes:

  8. Thanks EM! You and AC have been so nice to me! I appreciate it! I feel slightly less stupid! I filed claims with IC3 and the Arkansas Atty general. I'll have to check out the other links. I did pay with a USPS money order (and have the receipt), but don't remember how the bag was shipped. Its been so long that I doubt I'd get my money back. Although, I totally believed the bag was real till last thursday when AC looked at my photos. Which is why I didn't come forward sooner.
  9. You got a lot of great info from EM and AC above, and I do hope you can get your money back. This scammer is just one of the reasons people are so paranoid about buying anything from ebay or bonanzle these days. You need to check out everything very, very thoroughly (post in "Authenticate this _____" whatever you brand is) before buying. From what we have read here, NEVER do an off ebay deal. This has been one of The Goyard Scammer specialities, giving people a "deal" if they will send a money order or Western Union. But what is the "deal?" You end up with a fake. Or some have ended up with nothing at all. Don't forget this is her profession: scamming people. Please keep us posted what happens with your filing the charges against her.
  10. Don't feel stupid! You didn't know, and how could you??? Goyard fakes can be difficult to spot.

    Scamming is this woman's job. That is what this woman does, she preys on people that are trusting. She is a smooth talker and knows exactly what to say to get you to do exactly what she wants. You are off to a good start. Look back through your old emails and see if she sent you a tracking number for the package...that will indicate which method she used. If it was USPS then you can file mail fraud.

    Keep your chin up- and thank you for coming forward because a quick google search may prevent someone else from falling victim to her.
  11. ^ Agree and again sorry that you had to experience this...
  12. I was wondering about the authenticity of the bag she sent you too...Okay, now I know she sent you a fake bag...Sigh....
  13. $300 sure is unrealistic for a Goyard bag. Wish you will be able to get your money back.
  14. Any updates/news on this? OP - can you report back?

  15. Very well said