Scammed by FAKES: share your horror stories here!!!

  1. Stories, pictures and comments are all welcome!
    Share your ANGER against the FAKES:cursing:!

    I started this thread to dedicate to and share the experiences of TPFers who have been scammed by "Sellers of FAKES" so that another reader can gain knowledge and not fall into the same traps set by these "Seller of FAKES".

    "Seller of FAKES" are not contained to e-bay or on-line stores anymore!!! Worse than the bird-flu, they are starting to contaminate local stores like Nordies, Saks, NM, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls etc, etc, etc...with their "SWITCH & BAIT" scams.

    "Sellers of FAKES" want the REAL (but DO not have the $$ to pay for the REAL), they now resort to "RETURNING" the FAKES to the local stores for the REAL purse, the un-witting stores will then re-sell the FAKES to the un-witting customers!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!! These legal stores are scammed first and do not mean to scam you!!! BEWARE of the traps and scams set up by these "Sellers of FAKES"!

    Thanks to bagachondriac who contributed her story below (I've got her permission to quote her post), her story is a great example :tup:of what these "Sellers of FAKES" are doing!!!

    I HATE FAKES with a PASSION and people who see nothing wrong in supporting FAKES needs to be re-EDUCATED! Look at a "Bigger Picture", FAKES can potentially hurt our economy and our market. FAKES also support the ideals of SCAMS, terrorism, labor abuse, are anti-human rights, un-green.... just a NO-MORAL kind of thing! FAKES are Sad and causes many waste of consumer's time (which is money) and HEARTACHE!
  2. Here is a story that is from SAKS from the
    .... like I said, the "Sellers of FAKES" are getting around to the local store level!


    It will also affect our spending (or choice to spend) to bring up our slowing economy... not good at all!

  3. The above article was Purchased in March 07 for $499 by bagachondriac:

    Nordstrom FlatIron Crossing (#35)
    21 West Flatiron Crossing Drive
    Broomfield, CO 80021
    (720) 887-0333

    Thanks again bagachondriac!
  4. omg...that is TERRIBLE...i'm nervous to go to Saks or NM!
  5. That is insane!!!
    When reading the story, I am so glad bagachonriac ended up getting her money back, because WE know she is honest, BUT I bet that is probably another scam: buying and receiving a real bag, but returning a fake, saying "this is what I received in the mail and it is a fake". What is keeping the scammers from doing that? Nothing!
    This can be a huge problem in so many ways!

    I got scammed on eBay, like thousands of others! This was several years ago when I first learned of eBay and had no idea that the majority of "designer" bags, sunglasses, clothing, etc on eBay is all fake.
  6. Unfortunately it is not Nordies's, Saks or even NM's fault. If we are not careful... our every economics that kept our lives going may be handed over and just killed to a full stop for fears caused by these scammers. Yikes!
  7. Thanks for your show of support cooper1!;)

    I think many "Virgin" buyers go through that. I called them "Virgins" because the "getting bled" first-time cash-wise from these "Scammers" or "Seller of FAKES" is almost unavoidable, especially if one is new to the product.

    That is why we have our precious TPF to help us sort the FAKES from the REAL:tup::tup::tup:! TPF is a great thing:yahoo:!
  8. The problem is with customers purchasing the bags in person rather than through the least that was what happened in my situation. The NR store manager suggested that the customer had purchased an authentic Chloe from the main Nordstrom and subsequently returned the 'damaged' replica to the same store. Because the SA wasn't able to differentiate between an authentic vs a replica, the customer was successful in her scam. The customer didn't return the bag under the pretense that it was sold to her in a damaged condition but rather that the seam split after having been carried. This same 'damaged' replica made its way to the local NR to be resold as a refurbished bag. What I found even more amusing was the fact that the damage was still visible as can clearly be seen in the picture. My bag had three tags attached to it(you can see 2 of those in the pic) and I called the store in no less than a couple minutes after opening the box! There was NO question that the bag that I was returning was the one that had been shipped to me. I wish that I could remember the store manager's name as he was so kind and actually fun to talk to. He even confessed that should a customer return a replica bag to him that most likely he wouldn't be able to tell the difference. By the time he figured it out...the customer would be long gone!!
  9. Thank you bagachonriac.

    People in this society who is not affected by issues like this still have a "part sympathy" for condoning people who sells and willingly buys fake: just look at this thread! But don't they realize sooner or later it will affect everyone... these scams???

    I cannot even comprehend for all the education we go through, one still cannot see "a bigger" picture of what letting the FAKES dominate into the market of what will happen... of how it can potentially put EVERYONE including them FAKES out of business. Its like pulling the plug on a still beating heart..... flood out the REAL (makes no point in purchasing REAL anymore.. ) and just buy FAKES.... and spread the FAKES by hook or by crook to some unknowing soul, to jade them like they themselves are jaded.

    SAD!!! FAKES are like a very BAD disease.... it spreads and people who was hooked onto buying it in the first place wants to justify their purchase by making another (buddy) their accomplice!!

    We at TPF should stand up for the REAL.... never a FAKE. Or what is the point of TPF??? REALLY!
  10. Lolitakali, look, I understand where you're coming from and that this is something you're passionate about, but after carrying this tirade through three threads (that I've seen, there may be more) it's getting a bit exhausting...
  11. lolitakali, i understand you are passionate about this topic, but you have already made numerous posts regarding how you feel about fake bags/the counterfeit industry/the people who buy fake bags/environmental effect of said fakes/chinese capitalism/etc. etc. etc. while you have every right to expouse your views, perhaps you also need to realize that some people have opinions that differ from yours and you should respect that. i'm sorry to say that no amount of ranting or raving from your keyboard is going to change that.

    it's kind of difficult for people to listen to you when you yourself do not think others are worth listening to.
  12. Ahhh... but this is not an about "support the FAKES" thread. This is about being scammed thread.
  13. Thanks for your concern tadpolenyc, but I was addressing the OP. I'm just getting annoyed by every thread I read being interrupted by this barrage of capital letters and exclamation points...not to mention the fact that they're all aimed at one particular tpf member. That what pm's are for, so you don't have to subject the rest of the forum to your arguments.
  14. oh no. i was addressing the op too. i apologize if that wasn't clear. i've encountered her "speeches" in more than one thread in numerous sub forums now. i completely agree with you.
  15. Oh, ok! gottcha:tup:, sorry for the misunderstanding.