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  1. hi ladies,

    I posted a couple weeks ago about an ivory giant city with goldhardware and nicole helped me identify it as authentic. and i have been watching it ever since and I asked the seller questions and had her send me a couple of photos and she was really quick with replying and happy to send me more pictures.

    her bag did not sell so i gave her an offer on it but she relisted the item on ebay anyway and said that if it was sold for an unreasonable price she would sell it to me.

    so the auction ended over the weekend and i was pretty upset cause i thought it ended at a reasonable price but then today i got an e-mail saying that the item had been relisted..again! can she do that? like pull an auction just because she wasn't happy with the price? there was no reserve on the bag..and i am a little suspicious just because i know there was only one bag to sell and she has it listed on her page again. she has it on for buy it now but i am hesistant to click it just because i am not sure if there even is a bag to sell or not.

    sorry this is so long, but I don't know what to do.

  2. If you followed both auctions did you notice the same bidders in both auctions! Alot of times where a seller has a high end item does not pay for a reserve then has the item shill bidded up and the shill bidder wins the item then it gets relisted!
    If the item sells the seller does not have to sell it to the winner- yes it is a binding contract etc, but all you can do is report then to ebay as seller non- performance but ebay does not do much about it! If this had happened twice and they were genuine bidders you might have expected a negative feedback to have ben left by one of the buyers for non-performance!
  3. oh that has all the hallmarks of a possible scam to me. I would steer clear. It sounds to me like she has multiples of the same bag, possibly, which means they are 99% likely to be fakes. Even if that's NOT the case, she cannot just decline to sell to a high bidder because she doesn't like the price it ended for. That's call non-performing seller, and it's a serious offense in ebay land.
  4. thanks for the quick replies guys :smile:

    actually, the first auction had no bidders so I contacted her and gave her an offer but she said it was too low so i asked her what would be acceptable and she gave me a number and I said I would think about it. then she relisted the bag.

    i don't think she has multiple number of bags..wouldn't it say in the quaninty part? or did she just not post it..which i guess is a little shady.

    i want to think the person who won the auction couldn't pay for it and they had a mutual agreement...which is possible, right? but i am just wondering if people do this all the time..send off an item and keep relisting the item even when they have none left and just take the money? that's just so wrong.
  5. Can you post the auction link!
  6. It's not shady for a seller to have more than one of an item and not list both of them in the quantity of one auction. You can list them separately and it doesn't mean you are trying to scam anyone. But....with high end bags, sellers usually don't have multiple quantities of the same bag so I would watch out for that.