Scam seller of fake bags, does stop payments AFTER you return

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  1. Hi Girls,

    Can someone tell me where I should post this on this forum so everybody knows? There is a seller on Ebay that has 100% feedback and is affiliating herself with reputable charity foundations by putting ads with them.

    She scams buyers by auctioning fake handbags at high buy it now prices. When the buyer finds out they are fake, she gives them the run around and poses as a consignment shop and gives a sob story about how she has an illness and is busy, etc etc so please give her time to get the payment out. She says her Paypal account has problems so only gives the refund out using money orders. She then waits a few months until the time frame has run by to file for a claim in Paypal and to leave feedback in Ebay and then STOPS PAYMENT on the money order to get her money back.

    So she gets her fake bag that she used to trick you with back to use on another buyer over and over again and you are out the money!!!! Her feedback is around 100 and all positive. Whenever a person leaves a neg for the bag being fake, she blackmails them and tells them she will give them a money order refund to withdraw. After the buyer receives the money order, they think its safe and withdraw, only to find a STOP PAYMENT in their bank after a few months!!!
  2. what the...
    but can she stop payment w money order?
  3. cant you just do a Charge Back With your CC? Can you give us her ebay I.D is that allowed on here? Are XXXXXXX going to show up soon?
  4. OMG! They just keep getting smarter and smarter with these scams!!!:censor:

    Verni, care to share with us the ID of the seller? So other people can we warned.
  5. yes- please PM me the seller if you don't want to list it here.
  6. Wow! never heard of this one before :thinking:The only safe way is to shop in stores now. Too bad.
  7. OMG! What will they think of next??? That is nuts!
  8. hi id also like to be pm'd for the name of the seller thank you!