Scam in Progress?Ship 2 Hong Kong then wants 2 Return

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Do you think she bought the bag to replicate it?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes but you will get your real bag back

  4. Yes but you will get a replica bag instead back

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm pretty sure I'm getting scammed here and Ebay & Paypal are as much to blame as the buyer.
    I sold a buyer (longtime Ebay account holder, hadn't bought much lately) a Brand New Chanel very hard to find bag. Immediately, the day she got it, she says there are scratches all over it. I know that's not true, I took way more pictures of it than what I put up on Ebay. So I make her send me pictures. She sends me pictures of creases in the leather. It's Lambskin, duh. Totally threatens me with negative feedback and I'm trying to build up feedback so, I tell her to ship it back in the Brand new condition she got it in and I will refund her money, less the fees because she admittedly got what the ad said she just thought it would be perfect because it was brand new.
    That was 10 days ago. No bag but she keeps saying that her friend sent it. Oh, I digress. Paypal held her funds for 24 hours because (and they don't tell me this) the Ebay account is in one name, the Paypal account is in another name and it's being shipped to a third person.
    I find this out after I make her file a dispute with paypall (I say for her own protection) really because Ebay says that I should have her do it because if I don't she can wait 45 days then send it back and demand a refund and still give me negative feedback. By that time who knows what shape the bag will be in.
    My concern is that she bought the bag to either use it as a guide to make replicas since it's not an easy bag to get or I'll end up getting a replica bag back.
    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Oh, and even though the bag was supposedly shipped back every day, today she sends me a tracking number. So far it hasn't shown up in the system but it could be another stall tactic. If I wanted a refund so badly, I would have shipped that bag back the same day, wouldn't you?
    What do you think she's up to?
  2. Sometimes your gut feeling turns out to ring true.

    Try checking the tracking # again, it may take a day or so to turn up

    Try contacting pp again to see what they suggest you do now
  3. I don't know what she's up to, but it sounds like she's up to no good. I hope you get YOUR purse back. Best of luck.