1. Can't believe there's anyone how doesn't mind to ashame herself with small amount of money. Ripped of me for $70 - Louis Vuitton Monogram Nail Polish Gold Brown Metallic (200119431854).

    Gave odd reason, item is in shipping process, item hold by my custom etc WHILE I'm doing with custom officer and found there's NOT prohibited here to receive nail polish or parfumes from USA.

    This morning, I found she relist item:

    She said that she'll use money to support her children. Poor children!!! Her mom support them from illegal money :yucky:

    Unfortunately, I sent her cash due to she refused to accept PayPal, I checked feedbacks and she sold more expensive items and thought I can trust her, while NOT!
  2. I don't know this seller is woman or man :confused1:

    Robin L. Lackey

    perhaps anyone here recognize her?

    please DO NOT ever post someone's full personal info like that on our website!:nogood:
  3. That's weird, her new listing says she only ships within the U.S. and only accepts money orders. Did the listing you won on say she shipped internationally? Looks kind of fishy to me if she sold you the item and then decided for some reason not to ship it to you... I'm sorry this happened to you! I don't know if they will do anything, but can you file a claim with eBay?
  4. What a bullsh*t excuse to say she'll use the money to feed her children.

    Definitely report her to eBay!!!
  5. I asked her if she can send to my fam member in USA, she replied that's ok and even she'll send to my address in Asia. After that, she asked me to pay by BidPay or cash and I can't use BidPay, thought service isn't avalaible for my country or what.

    After 1 month passed, I open dispute on eBay but she said item has been shipped but held by my custom which is a big like!! :cursing: coz my custom allowed for nail polish, now I find she relist it. Scammer, will report her to internet fraudulent consumer!
  6. why dont u leave her neg feedback then?
  7. That sucks but I don't think you should post her personal details.
  8. so she wont give you your money back either? im kinda confused. She has good feedback.
  9. That totally sucks, but I don't think you should post her info on here.
  10. Weird, she has 100% positive feedback :S I dont think you're allowed to post personal details like that here either :sad: but I think you should leave her neg. feedback and report her to's the only thing you can do really :sad: xx
  11. Ok, mod please remove her personal info here, I just thini if perhaps anyone here recongnize her?

    VenetiaWanter, do you check for wrong ID? She's 96 or 98% feedbacks, NOT 100%
  12. ^^ ((huggs))

    some sellers have no scruples! leave her neg feedback.

    what a horrible person
  13. ugh, my bad sorry, was looking at the wrong part as usual lol, well good luck, Ihope you can get your money back :sad: xx
  14. it is actually illegal to ship perfume. i know that for sure. not sure about nailpolish. what has she told you about refunding your money?
  15. Never mentioned about refund even said that maybe item hold by my custom while I've asked custom officers and they said it's ok to receive nail polish and for parfume, it's ok if you pay for alcohol tax.