Scaling Down

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  1. Honestly I feel like I have more bags than I know what to deal with sometimes. And especially since I plan on adding one or two more this year I feel the need to scale down a bit. I do pretty well on Ebay, I rotate my bags so much they all pretty much stay in like new condition. So help me decide what will go. This is my current collection:

    Cyprus: Cheetah, Lipstick, Silver, Rasta

    Morant: Cheetah, Rasta, Saddle

    Mandeville: Lipstick, Silver

    Montego: Rasta

    Exeter: Bullseye

    Marley Hill: Silver, Lipstick, Rasta

    So this is what I'm thinking:
    - I can get rid of the Cheetah Cyprus because I have a Cheetah Morant and three other Cyprus bags
    - I can get rid of the Saddle Morant because I still have the tags on and I have a Lipstick Cyprus
    - I can get rid of the Silver Mandeville IF I get a Black/Natural Jacquard Kerry? Plus I still have the Silver Marley Hill and don't carry my Silver bags that much because I wear mostly warm colors.
    - I can get rid of the Lipstick Marley Hill because I still have a Lipstick Mandeville and two other Marley Hills (Silver for cool colors, Rasta for warm colors)

    So what do you guys think of the bags I've chosen to sacrifice? I've still got more thinking to do. The Cyprus and Morant I'm pretty sure about because I don't carry those as much, but the Mandeville and Marley Hill I'm still considering. :thinking:
  2. I would be sad to see your LS marley hill go, I love how the patent leather pops on this bag.
    I would keep the Lipstick Marley Hill and get rid of the silver one, which means that I would keep the silver mandeville (because you can never have to many mande's).
  3. Yeah I did consider that scenario too. Still trying to weigh all my options.. The thing about that is most of my bags are hand-carry and I'm really a shoulder carry girl at heart. So if I got rid of the Silver Marley Hill I wouldn't have a shoulder carry bag to wear as my "basic black" bag ya know?
  4. I get you, I prefer shoulder bags as well.
  5. I agree with Lindsay, keep the LS Marley Hill. Those bags are sorta hard to come by. I love mine and the fact that it's a shoulder bag is a major plus since most of her sig. line are hand held..
    Can you perhaps get rid of the Silver Cyprus instead ?
  6. I think what you have written is very well though out and rational...but all I can think is don't get rid of the mandeville or marley! You did make a very good case though about how the roles they play in your bag wardrobe are replaceable with other bags. Maybe get rid of the two smaller ones and then once you get the bags you want later on, you can reconsider your collection again.
  7. I say get rid of the Cheetah Morant... The silver Mandeville would be a keeper to me (I'm not a fan of the Marley, eeep sorry!), but if you choose to sell the silver mande, the resale value on those is pretty good... some have gone for over $300 on ebay...

    Definitely keep the Exeter and Montego

    I'd say to keep most of your cyprus because you are a shoulder bag person.. and I find these to be way more useful than your Morants

    Hm... am I making any headway.. ? lol or talking in circles
  8. ^^ Yes, good arguments indeed. I just decided to get rid of one Morant and one Cyprus since they hold a small amount and I have so many (7 total).
    The Exeter and Montego...well, I guess I should say the Exeter and anything Rasta are not even being considered, lol

    I don't think the Silver Mandeville is an option anymore because I'm not getting a Kerry...I decided on the BE Montego instead. I honestly don't want to get rid of any of my Marley's since they are all shoulder but it's like find a reason to keep everything ya know? lol I guess I have a lot more thinking to do...
  9. I think you should keep the mandys and marleys.. and get rid some of your morants and cyprus..
  10. Despite all the trouble you went through for the saddle morant, I think that would be an OK one to get rid of. And maybe get rid of the Cheetah morant instead of the Cheetah cyprus, since you're more of a shoulder bag person? And I'd keep the LS marely hill for that same reason reason, and get rid of the silver mandeville.
  11. You have to keep all your Marley''re the :queen:of Marley Hills .
  12. :wtf:
  13. Lol, brick you're silly!

    Ok, so I am definitely keeping my BE Exeter, LS Mandeville and everything
    Rasta. Of all my Morants I actually like my Cheetah the best, so that only leaves the Saddle. Plus it still has the tags so I'd be able to get rid of that easier.

    Of my four Cyprus bags, if I keep the Silver and Rasta that pretty much covers all my clothes. Actually now that I think about it, I think my LS Cyprus still has the tags on too because I've never carried it! Those Cyrpus are so darn cute and convenient but there really haven't been that many opportunities for me to carry them so they just sit for the most part. So I'm pretty sure these are definitely going to the 'bay:

    Saddle Morant
    Cheetah Cyprus
    LS Cyprus

    I really don't wanna give up any of my bags, but with a BE Montego coming during the Anniversary/Half-Yearly sales…and now suddenly I think I want a Cheetah Mandeville (though that feeling might pass, not sure lol) I think I need to get rid of a regular bag too. Although the way I tried to set it up was so that I had a hand-carry and shoulder-carry in all the prints I needed. i.e. Silver Mandeville & Marley, Rasta Montego & Marley, LS Mandeville & Marley. Of course, when I get the BE Montego I will have two hand-carry Bullseyes but whatever. Maybe I should just get rid of those three smaller bags and then re-evaluate how I feel about getting rid of anything else? :shrugs:
  14. Sounds like a good plan knaz. I definitely think it's a good idea to ebay those three smaller bags and then wait around til you get your sale items in a couple months to re-evaluate your collection. :tup:
  15. Sounds like good sound choices Knas. It's better to enjoy the bags you have than to have a bunch lying around that you don't use. And I don't think you should get a Cheetah mandville cause you're on a ban (sorry not trying to sound bossy, just trying to give you support. :flowers: I hope yall tell me the same if I try to get a bag before the anniversary sale!)