Scales vs the new WOC

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  1. I can pick one ... either the burgundy messenger Scales bag - owners, any pros/cons?

    Or the what I hear very 'blingy' gold WOC ... again, owners, pros/cons?

    I know neither bag is a substitute for the other, just want opinions. Obviously the scales is more practical but does it look too much like a messenger bag? I like the zipper detail a lot.

    The gold WOC is just appealing to the 'girly' side of me ..
  2. I think it totally depends on what you need more, a small evening/going out clutch-sized purse or a bigger functional one.
    I *personally* would pick the scales because I would use it more since the WOC doesn't fit very much, lol
  3. I got the new style red WOC and love it! So I vote for WOC!
  4. There is a new RED WOC??? Didn't even know. Do you have a pic? That would probably change everything!!!
  5. oooooh a red woc sounds gorgeous lol
  6. I cant remember what the scales bag look like?U have a pic?I just remember that i liked it..hehe..
  7. is "Scales" the one w/ big faux scales embossed on it?
    I saw those bags today and I don't care for them at all.

    I love the WoC but not the specific style that's in red right now, I prefer the more classic version{s} for some reason.
  8. WOC over scales for me.
  9. hi harley! i've seen the scales at NM and the Chanel boutique...doesn't quite do it for me. i vote WOC. whichever you choose, post pics!! :yes:
  10. Well, it depends if you need a bag that you can put a few more things in then get the scales. But if you just need to put your essentials the get the WOC. HTH
  11. i LOVE the scales design, but when i saw it at chanel and saw that it had nylon (?) webbing as the background for the scales, i really didn't think it was worth the price. but if you don't mind that, then i vote for the scales bag. i think it's large and functional and the red has a good tone to it. i think the size of it will make it more functional. good luck on your decision. it's always so thrilling to get a chanel bag :graucho:
  12. I say WOC def!! Im not too crazy about the Scales line.
  13. I also saw a scale messenger type bag. It had a wide strap (nice) with a full length zipper (weird?)along the strap. The fabric behind the scales is a micofiber (the SA told me) Although, it is a lovely size and shape, I think it's just the creepiest looking pattern. Like they wanted to make a entry-level leather bag, but it's not that cheap. The style would lend itself to a smooth leather; even vinyl or coated canvas. I saw the scales will show up at the sales!
  14. I'm bumping this back up, because the scales are "growing" on me. I saw a large red one today at NM. The red was kind of nice with the scales because it broke up the monotony of an all red bag. The one I saw was more of a flap and pretty big. I might not hate it as much as I did when I posted this morning.
  15. I have the gold WOC and love it!!!! I vote for the WOC!!!