Scala Slaon on

  1. So glad it is a different color red than the carmino! This news gives me something to think about. Thanks for the clarification writetoshirley .
  2. that is what I thought - that these were different colours.... it does look really different on NM's website than on Saks. thanks for clearing it up!
  3. so the consensus is that carmino is red and the Saks website has either (1) misdescribed (is that a word??) its red sloane as scala or (2) posted a picture of the wrong bag, right? has anyone talked to someone at bv about the carmino/scala confusion?

  4. My sleuthing tells me that Carmino and Scala are different colors and Saks has correctly listed the product as such.

    Carmino = lipstick red (NM has examples, and Saks has those ballet slippers in Carmino.)

    Scala = Red/rust/salmon (NM and Saks both has this bag in the Sloan, although due to lighting effects, Sak's bag appears to be slightly redder than the NM version.
  5. you might be right. it's just hard for me to believe that these are the same color. i hope scala looks more like the top IRL.


  6. i agree, i like the saks version much better! there's more ooomph to it.
  7. ^ me too!
  8. Tempting...
  9. The pic on the bottom looks more like Noce to me. I like the top one, a sweet rose colour! I want.
  10. I too hope scala is more like the Saks picture. I would love a bag, any bag in that color. Anyone know if any other bags are coming in this color? Like the veneta or campana?
  11. There's a small tote-ish looking bag that's also coming in this color. It is definitely a very gorgeous color. To me, it is a reddish pink, a bit darker and a tiny bit redder than Marc Jacobs' Cherry Blossom color