**scaaaa-wee Speedy!***

  1. Awh poor lil speedy :sad:
  2. Poor bag. It needs a lot of work. I don't think I would have the patience to make it look wonderful again.
  3. Oh no, poor little speedy. Makes me so sad to see bags damaged that badly. :cry:
  4. Yikes!! I wonder how someone could let their bag get so damaged..
  5. It amazes me how much some people will pay for bags in such horrible condition.
  6. i agree!
  7. YOWZER!! $154 final bid!!!
  8. If it looks like that what does it smell like would be my concern. Thats much to used up for my taste...

  9. I can't believe that!! :wtf:
  10. good call Ali W! I agree, so sad and yucky.
  11. Poor Mr. Speedy!
  12. that bag is worth more like 20 dollars if that
  13. eek! I had to cover Fushcia's eyes while I looked at it. Couldn't let her see her kin in such a manner. egad!