SC tax-free weekend

  1. I read from the State of South Carolina Department of Revenue & knowing that between Aug. 3 - 5, 2007 will be the sales tax-free holiday.

    Does anyone know if there's a max. amount of purchase on handbag in SC? I know GA sales tax holiday will be Aug. 2-5, 2007, but only apply if handbag < $100.

  2. Wow..that's great news. But how about buying those brandname handbag ($1,000+) from Saks? Will that apply too? I called the store earlier but they have no idea at all. BTW, I will need to buy via phone & get them send to a friend in SC. Will it work for me?
  3. Anyone have any news on the MD tax holiday? They haven't scheduled one apparently. How I do hate the tax policies here...even during tax free, the bags still apply for tax.
  4. ^^ Thanks so much! That helped a lot!

    Ohhh Virginia makes the list and its coming up too!! Tysons, here I come!
  5. FYI, there might be different amount rules for different categories in SC. this will be my 3rd GA tax free weekend working at best buy, so i'm pretty familiar with our rules, and i feel like there's probably something similar in SC. the maximum transaction amount for computers or 'energy star' appliances (although appliances this year are going to be tax free in october, not august) is $1500, while the limit for clothing is much lower, either $100 or $150 (we don't sell clothes, obviously, so i can't remember). if the items themselves are less than the limit but added together, they total more, just ask the SA to ring them up in multiple transactions.

    SC probably has limits (it would be disastrous for them not to, i would assume), i'd google it for the details if i were you.
  6. I think the only high-end store we have here is in off-fifth in hilton head, and some shops in Charleston. SC isn't exactly a shopper's paradise.
  7. Man Texas tax free weekend is kinda terrible. The most I can save is $8.00
  8. Actually, I think the SC tax-free holiday is more generous - there are no specified limits per category as in Georgia, and handbags are specifically included. Certainly, you can email or call the SC Dept. of Revenue to verify that, but I've not heard of any limits.

    Here in Charleston we have Saks & Bob Ellis (Balenciaga), and many high-end shops on King Street. But yes, pickings are pretty slim for an ex-Midwest girl....
  9. Oh, and sorry ceci - to answer your question, yes, it will work for you, as stated on the SC DOR website:

    (4) Does the "sales tax holiday" apply to sales made by mail order, Internet or similar retailers?
    Yes, provided the item sold is one qualifying for the exemption and the sale occurs during the three days of the "sales tax holiday" as discussed in Question #3.
  10. thanks susurra. I just read the SC Dept. of Revenue about the Tax free holiday FAQ. I also sent them an e-mail & asking if there's a limit $. Hopefully I can hear from them soon...:graucho: Before then, I think I have to call Saks & see what they have in stock. :roflmfao:
  11. well y'all are certainly lucky, i just didn't want anyone to get all revved up and then get disappointed.