SC pm or mahina lunar gm

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  1. i just saw from the LV clubhouse a sneak preview of the upcoming SC pm in chocolate and it's soooo tempting..i'm just not sure what the size now, i'm not sure if i should get a mahina lunar gm in chocolate or the new SC pm in chocolate.....pls help me decide...thanks
  2. That's a hard question. I am waiting too. If you can, try them both in store. I'm afraid the SC leather is delicate and too heavy, but the new size has reduce so maybe it isn't heavy anymore. Love the Mahina too.
    Can't help you but wish you good luck!!
  3. mhina lunar gm...I lvoe mine
  4. I like the look of the SC better. Not really a fan of the Lunar shape. However, i've never tried the SC bag so I know nothing about it (weight, texture/quality of the leather, etc.), whereas the Mahina leather is just lovely!
  5. mahina! great bag and wears like a dream!
  6. I love mahina but with these 2 choices I would go for the SC! I think it's such a classy and versatile bag :smile:
  7. I would go for the new SC bag .. I love the colour of the cream one:smile:
  8. today, i saw the new link posted in the clubhouse about the upcoming SC....can't wait to see them in person....the article about the SC pm and pictures are all great!!..mahina is still desirable, but, if i have to choose only one, i think SC is more versatile and more long-lasting (as mentioned also in the SC article--SC is one bag that is for keeps!!)
  9. Love my SC to bits... and I am hoping to get the PM too... but they don't come affordable.
  10. Love Mahina...but have yet to see SC...does anyone have pictures they can post?