Sc bag or capucines??

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  1. I am in the fortunate position that I can choose any LV bag I want for our anniversary. I think I have narrowed it down to either sc in jasper or capucines in black. Which would be the better choice regarding maintenance and which is more classic?
  2. Capucines!

  3. Thanks for your reply:smile:
  4. Depends!mdo you want more casual or more formal?
    The sc is in no ways ordinary or casual. But it's easier to dress down and wear that.
    The capucines is so gorgeous though.

    Good luck,they are both beautiful
  5. Sc
  6. If you have neither .. it depends on your style .. I'm more rugged so I choose SC. If you're more classic, then capucines.
    If you already have one, get the other.

  7. Thank you for your input. I have a collection of both casual and more formal bags, but I may have slightly more of the casual bags. My collection so far consists of speedy b de, mon mono nf, totally mm mono, Verona mm, I also have three mulberry alexa bags and a bayswater. Alexander wang rockie as well as the ysl sac de jour. If that helps? I love both the sc and the capucines, so I'm really torn. I think both will fit my lifestyle:smile:

  8. Thanks:smile:

  9. Thank you. Usually I'm a jeans and shirt kind of girl. But I love going a line dresses and skirts for weekends. I don't own any of them right now:smile:
  10. capucines
  11. I would pick the SC!👍
  12. SC :love:
  13. Sc
  14. Capucines
  15. Capucines